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Outer Limits: The Game is an adventure where you roam around from place to place. There are several different areas that you can visit, such as Downtown Limitville or The Old West. An area will be made up of several different places, or rooms, and each area will require its own map. Whenever you are told that a passage is nearby, pressing 'P' will take you to a new area. This area has its own places which can be mapped on a grid. In this area, you may even find other sub-areas which will require their own maps. There are several areas to explore and you'll want to make a separate map for each. Remember, you can visit over 1100 different places! In your trek, you'll find various treasures. If you take them to one of the Pawn Shops and press 'T', the shop owner will trade you points for them. Some prizes are worth a lot of points and some are just trash. You'll also find weapons and keys. The shop owner won't trade for these, which is okay since you may need them later. Mea Culpa, Peter Deane
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