short : Filters Mail Messages based on keywords, v2.001b author : (Doug McLean) uploader : dale frameli 311 ima infomail com (Dale Frameli) type : comm/bbs requires : XARC v1.1 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 20.66K Date : 20-Jul-97 Download : 💾
MS-Filter scans your Inbound: directory for Fidonet style Mail packets, then filters 'out' mail messages based on 'Who their FROM', 'Who the message is written TO', 'Keywords contained in the SUBJECT line', etc... There are 6 different fields that can be scanned, and each field can have upto 1000 filters! This is a Great! utility for the SysOp that wants to reduce the overwhelming amount of SPAM that has currently flooded the Internet Newsgroups. MS-Filter filters Private Mail, EchoMail, Gated Internet Newsgroups and Mailing Lists. Since MS-Filter works on Fidonet Style Mail Packets, it is not BBS specific. It has been tested and found to work just fine with DLG v1.16 and TrapDoor v1.86b2. MS-Filter should work with whatever BBS software you have, but since I use DLG, that's all that I personally have tested it on... MS-Filter requires a supporting ARexx script to work it's magic. You will need XArc v1.1, or something like it, to disolve your Mail packet archives. XArc has been uploaded to Aminet as comm/bbs/xarc_1.1.lha.
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