short : Extensive stats package for OzMetro BBS author : uploader : c8345041 cc newcastle edu au type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 101.21K Date : 22-Mar-95 Download : 💾
The Logstats Package consists of three programs: Logstats, which must be run in every midnight event to collate the stats and produce a data file; StatDoor, which is the door that is run on your BBS to present the data items in a meaningful way; and the LogstatsEd, which is used for generating a blank Logstats file, and for maintenance on the stats themselves, once you've been running it for a while. Stats are collected for these BBS activities: * Calls * Public Messages * Private Messages * Downloads * Uploads * Door Entrances The door then allows one to access the file and get reports printed based on the top 15 users in each category, overall unsorted figures for each category, ratios of each category per call, Public Messages per Private Message, Uploads per Download, Downloads per Upload, any individual user's figures, a full database display of all statistics and a Top 50 Users Chart. (Go into the door and check it out if that was confusing) The door has full ANSI graphics, plenty of IBM graphics characters and fully hot-keyed selections. All versions of the Stats Door are completely compatible with the same data file - viz. BBS:BBSFILES/logstats Mea Culpa, Peter Deane
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