short : LogicBBS V1.00Beta - great new bbs program. author : Michael Pendec & Nicolas G. Clarke uploader : jds kom auc dk (Jes Soerensen) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 318.47K Date : 14-Mar-95 Download : 💾
TITLE LogicBBS RELEASE 1.00ß AUTHORS Michael Pendec Nicholas G. Clarke SHORT A Bulletin system with a wide range of functions, supporting 33 nodes, with support of 65535 message & file base areas. DESCRIPTION LogicBBS is a HOST bulletin board system, making it possible for users to call and exchange information and files. The system is based on the Ami-Express method of working with setups and message/file areas, and 95% of all doors used with Ami-Express can be used with LogicBBS. Supports extracting of file_id.diz in filebase, uses extra tasks to multitask the extract / checking process. Files are being examined during upload process, saving the users time waiting for system to validate files. All configuration is done using ASCII textfiles and can be edited using normal text editors. ARexx/"C"/"Asm" programming support. Developer documents included. NEW FEATURES Beta release version. No features are "NEW", because the complete system are NEW. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Kickstart 2.x minimum (Software or hardware{rom} version). FILENAME Logic100.LhA PRICE & DISTRIBUALITY Current beta release version is free, and not limited in any way. But the FINAL version (Upcoming version) will be limited, and it is required to buy the commercial version of LogicBBS. We have released this version for people to get a good idea of what our program is capable of doing. If they feel our program is worth they will be able to get a commercial version for danish kroner 400,- (around $75/100DM/40£). We do not accept payment in foreign currency unless payment is added a fee of 50 Danish Kroner ($10/12DM/5£). Buyers can get their version by mail, or directly from our LogicBBS support board (WHQ) at +45 9879 1210. When payment and orderform is received. We can be contacted on the below address: Parcon Software Michael Pendec Islandshoejparken 14, DK-2990 Nivaa Denmark AVAILABILITY LogicBBS 1.0ß is released through Public domain channels.
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