short : Upload checker for TechnoBBS, v2.26 author : uploader : lauri aalto fipnet fi type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.95K Date : 30-May-95 Download : 💾
FEATURES o Public Domain o Tests archives o Removes unwanted files o Scans for viruses o Handles FILE_ID.DIZ: - extracts it - reflows if needed - creates if desired - adds when wanted o Logging o Configurable o Supports *.(lha|lzh|lzx|run|zip|gz|z|Z|arj|dms|jpg|gif|mpg|ilbm|exe) QUICK HISTORY FOR LAST FEW RELEASES 2.26 28.05.95 Fixed a minor bug with zip archives and some versions of unzip. Now matches FILE_ID.DIZ files correctly. Added RX path to the installation instructions. Some people were having troubles getting GetID to run because there were no command search paths set up for TechnoBBS. 2.25 12.02.95 Added support for LZX files, they are processed like LhA files. See config entries "LZX", "LzxDeleteList" and "LzxConv". LZX doesn't set up result codes so we must analyze its output for determining archive test results. I've mailed the authors about this. New config option "TouchLocal" for setting whether local uploads will be touched (datestamp set to current) or not. Plus some minor improvements not worth mentioning here. 2.24 11.02.95 When a file was not recognized, GetID just cleaned up and didn't allow the user to enter a long description. Fixed. Thanks to Antti Tuominen for pointing this out. Manually entered long descriptions may now have whitespaces in front of them :-D Fixed a minor bug in config parsing. 2.23 26.12.94 Added support for executable files (those demos...), which are now recognized and checked for viruses. You can use the AllowExe @{"config" system "ed GetID.config"} keyword for selecting whether you allow those files on your board. Zips kept crashing because stack size was set too low (actually it wasn't even touched, TechnoBBS just launched the checker with the default size of 4000 bytes). GetID now increases the stack size to 20000 bytes prior to running Zip or UnZip. Zipfile comments (BBS advertisements) are also now removed if ZipDeleteList is specified (it doesn't need to exist however). Arj files are now processed faster. TempDirs with names like 'TEMP:' would have caused some temporary files to be left to the TempDirs parent directory. GetID will now skip empty description lines from the beginning of the file_id.diz instead of discarding the whole description. Empty descriptions are now ignored. Log entries' layouts have been standardized to match ones which TechnoBBS uses. Also log entries should now be more informative and contain less unnecressary junk. getid222.readme on Aminet had a wrong version number in it :-D 2.22 07.12.94 Due to several requests from several persons I've added a possibility to enter long descriptions while running GetID. The layout is very close to ChgDesc running under internal string set, except smarter. There's a config entry for this: AskLongDesc. After AskLongDesc the file_id.diz can be appended into the archive if requested via InsertDiz configuration entry. There was a bug in long description reformatter causing all reformatted descriptions to become either empty or junked. Temporary files are now removed when the file format is unknown. ILBM recognition is now more reliable than it used to be. Config file parse errors now report the line number which caused the problem. 2.21 28.11.94 Improved file_id.diz processing. CRs and MSDOG-EOFs are again detected and removed. There's also a new configuration entry TABSIZE for setting the size of tab (0x09) characters. As suggested by many people, the archivers now have a config entry for defining their full path. Some people were having problems because they had started RexxMast before setting up all the paths. For now on, every command, who are not parts of the OS, have configuration file entries. If the entries are left empty, the format is not supported. If they're not present or commented out, defaults will be used. The behaviour of ViewTek config entry changed a bit, to match with the other external proggie entries. GetID won't notify the user when an argument after the ViewTek keyword is missing, it just drops VT support then. MaxDescLines is now also allowed in GetID.config. Added (No)GetDiz configuration entry for those guys who for some reason do not want to automatically use file_id.diz files but just check the archives. This doesn't affect faking picture dimensions as file_id.diz, use ViewTek config entry for that. Uploaded files are now only touched (datestamp adjusted) when they're local (ie. line number equals zero). After finding out broken files GetID now cleans up, previously it just quit leaving temporary files all around the system ;-D Pictures are now pseudo checked - if ViewTek burps the image, it'll be discarded. ViewTek config entry must however be set. And yes, there are some optimizations again... 2.20 20.11.94 GetID now has a configuration file. No need to re-edit the script after new releases :-D The text reformatter is a bit faster now. Those descriptions considered "short" could have "long" lines before, not anymore.
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