short : ABBS util - Search for a file author : Kåre Johansen uploader : Kåre Johansen type : comm/bbs version : 1.15 replaces : Comm/BBS/findcopy.lha requires : OS2.0 or higher, reqtools.library and ABBS ;) architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 6.21K Date : 30-Jan-97 Download : 💾
Copyright --------- FindCopy is copyrighted by me, Dr. Ice in 1996-97, but is released as FREEWARE. This program may NOT be sold for any profit, except from disk-charge and mailing exspences. The author can NOT be held responsible if FindCopy should crash, or damage your system.. Use it on your own risk (I do ;)), you are warned.. What is FindCopy? ----------------- FindCopy is a program that can find a filename within ABBS in less than 5-6 seconds ;).. But, if the Filecache (togglecache) is on, it will take 1-2 seconds to find it.. We are talking about micro-seconds! ;).. This is quite like, but unlike the FindFile program someone made for ABBS earlier... Why the speed !? ---------------- The reason for FindCopy being so fast as it is, is because it's not using/loading any .FL files to check with. In other words; It uses the ABBS mainport! :) Test ---- I have tested this program with and without filecache (these values are tested when NOT finding a file): Tested with Amiga 4000/030 2+18 MB RAM Without Filecache: 6 seconds With Filecache : 0.40 seconds, great huh!? Usage ----- Make sure you have these files: * PPMORE - Should be located in C: * LhA - Should be located in C: * LZx - Should be located in C: * ARJ - Should be located in C: You can run this program in two ways, eigther by writing: FindCopy filename Or you can just write: FindCopy The last one will open a text requester asking you to enter the name of the file you wish to find.. When found, a requester will pop up with these choices: Cancel, Copy to, View, Extract and About.. Cancel - Quit.. Copy to - Copy the found file to a new destination.. View - View Archieve.. Extract - Extract archieve.. About - Show some (useful) info.. Greetings/Thanks! ----------------- This utility was created using Amiga E, thanks to Wouter for making this possible to do .. I would also thank Øyvind Husabø for giving me the header files to make this POSSIBLE! :).. I must Also thank Geir Inge Høsteng for making such a good BBS system.. To bad you are ending the history of ABBS! :(( The greetings must go to: stC^FLD, Shaolin^LSC, Cybertracker^LSC, Isaac^CTZ, Crude^Session, Thundercat^LSC, Cyan^LSC, Science^LSC, JEO, Darkwing^FLD, nOP^STS, Pdy^OPS, Shag^OPS, Wivern^OPS, WhizzKid^OPS and the rest of OPS, Splash^MGS and to all I have forgotten... History ------- v1.0 - First Release v1.1 - Fixed some small bugs.. - Added support for DIR filerequester selector.. - Added About button, guess what this does !? :) - Added some small features, I can't recall what! :) - Added support for Extract and View Archieves as: * LHA, LZH Extract and View Supported * LZX Extract and View Supported * ARJ Extract and View Supported * TXT, DOC, E Only View supported - Added some new file info such as: * FileSize * File Comment * File Downloads v1.15 - Added a window requester saying Extracting/viewing file, this is much better than watching a clean screen... :) - Rewrote some small parts of the code... - Renamed the button "skip it" to "Cancel" :) Contact/Bug reports/Improvements -------------------------------- If you like to contact me, then do it by one of the follwing ways (or two)...: E-MAIL: BBS: Key Stroke BBS - +(47)-7847-1042 SNAIL: Kåre Johansen Nordvågveien 17d N-9750 Honningsvåg Norway Have fun using this great utility...
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