short : Starts on FAME foreign DoorConfig doors. author : (David Wettig) uploader : strider trsi de (David Wettig) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 9.52K Date : 1-Apr-97 Download : 💾
FAMEDoorConfig.FIM v1.1 DoorConfig door for FAME MainPart v1.13+. FAMEDoorConfig.FIM is needed to start foreign config doors like (XIM,AIM,...) on FAME BBS Systems like a FAME DoorConfig door. With FAME doors (FIM) it's possible to write a config door which can be added to a list of config doors (so called DoorConfig doors) which every user can see as a list and use very easy from the users configuration menu ("W" menu command). It's no longer needed to check every door if it has a configuration part and how to start it (often with " -w" etc.). DoorConfig doors can *ONLY* be FIM doors so that's the reason of FAMEDoorConfig.FIM. FAMEDoorConfig.FIM is a FIM door wich launches non-FIM doors like XIM or AIM doors. With FAMEDoorConfig.FIM it's now possible to implement every door FAME can start (emulate) like a FAME DoorConfig door. For more informations and how to use FAMEDoorConfig.FIM see the detailed Readme.txt inside the pack file. --------------------------------- ______ ____ :___ _________ ----- David 'Strider/tRSi' Wettig \ __/_/ \| \/ / _/___ E-Mail: | _// \ \/ / _| / E-Mail: |____|________\__/ /|_______\tGø URL: /____\ Developer --------------------------------------------------------------------
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