short : Demo of Falcon CBCS, Opus clone uploader : BIRJT cc newcastle edu au architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 224.32K Date : 4-May-94 Download : 💾
Type: comm/bbs Uploader: Author: Brian Fehdrau Falcon CBCS A FidoNet-compatible semi-clone of Opus CBCS. Features ANSI support (w/ or w/o color); a versatile message base with several reading methods and marking of favourite areas; both line- based and screen-based message editors; batch/resumable file transfers through the XPR standard transfer protocol libraries; expandable/custom menus; able to call doors which need only work in a CLI/Shell and exit cleanly and quickly on a ^C; easy delegation of responsibilities to assistants, subops and librarians; many security methods/barriers for file and message areas, such as level requirements or locks & keys; ...and many other features which fall victim to the need to cut this description short. One more thing that should be noted is that it is 2.0-compatible. This is a Demo / unregistered version. It will not allow file transfers greater than 50K. Registering gets one a 488 byte personalized keyfile whose presence allows full transfers. Reality: Brian Fehdrau Internet: (best, but only until Dec.91) Fidonet: 1:140/22[.2]@FidoNet
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