short : E! Doors for Up/DownLoading Scores! author : uploader : Massimiliano Pala p0 f532 n332 z2 fidonet org type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.99K Date : 24-May-96 Download : 💾
Hello You All!!! Theese little Programs Works on Every Amiga Running E! since V1.20. Them are meant to be used for keeping scoring tables in Bytes of Your BBS' Users. There are 4 Files to be placed in specific directories, the firsts have to be placed in directory: BBS:Jump/ And Them are : TopDown.rexx TopUp.rexx The other two files *MUST* be placed in : BBS:Text/ Them are: NEW_TopDown NEW_TopUp As You have already understood the first two files are the body of the pro- grams, they should be called from the BBS by a string of text like this: \#1BBS:Jump/TopDown.rexx\ I suggest to invoke the program just before an Upload or a Download putting the text lines in the pre-download text. Them are called : TEXT.UPLOAD TEXT.DOWNLOAD If you want use them, you only have to put them in your Text/Language/ dir in order to be functional ( you have to place the other files in the right directories in order to be all Operating ). Another Method is to invoke the programs ( expecially the Download One ) by modifying the strings of your language, to do this you have to find the line were the right text is, and then out just before it on the same line: \#1BBS:Jump/TopDown.rexx\ So the line should be looking like this (line 1900) : \f1\#1BBS:Jump/TopDown.rexx\\ \n2\z4\c7Itm\q1 \z4\c7Title\q1 \z4\c7Size\q1 \z4\c7Cost\q1 \z4\c7Description\q1\n1 In this case you do not HAVE TO CALL THE PROGRAM FROM INSIDE THE 'TEXT.DOWNLOAD' 'cause It will be called automaticly after having chosen the files to be downloaded. Experiment it, but before, make a copy of the Language file before makin' any changes to it! The Program is incredible Simple in Understanding its usage, so i think this should be all for Today. If You have any question you can contact me via FIDO At Address 2:332/532.0>Massimiliano Pala Or via Gateway Internet at: Or just call at my site BBS : ++39-59-370262 Or Just Write me at : Pala Massimiliano Via Sassari N.20 41100 Modena (MO) Italy Ok, that's truly the end, in the hope my work will please you and that aminet organizers send me a CD of the Aminet Series, I Thanks you all and I say you a Very Big GOOOOOOODBYE!!!!
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