short : Bulletin creator for ABBS author : Kaare Johansen ( uploader : Kaare Johansen (kaarej barentsnett no) type : comm/bbs version : 1.00 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 5.49K Date : 7-Aug-96 Download : ­čĺż
Forword.. --------- I made DITopFile (DTF) because of Tor W. Austersl├ątt's PopFile v1.5 has/had a bug that crashed my computer almost every night the midnight script was runned.. So, I made my own :) CopyRight/Shareware.. --------------------- DTF is copyrighted by me, Dr. Ice/LSC all rights reserved.. DTF is not SW or any other stupid -WARE products, but the Copyright still remains as it is.. If you like DTF, you could EMAIL me :) I can not be held responsible if DTF should crash er damage your HW/SW, use it on your own risk!!.. What is DTF !? -------------- DITopFile is yet another product by me Dr. Ice/Lisence.. This small bulletin creator will create a "MOST POPULAR DOWNLOADED FILE" bulletin for ABBS.. Example Output.. ---------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Top-Files v1.00 - by Dr. Ice/GMS^LSC * =========================================================================== Last updated: 02-Aug-96 (16:03:23) =========================================================================== ## FILENAME UPLOADED DESCRIPTION DLs --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01 STROKE.LHA 31-Jan-99 Available files on Key Stroke 50 02 siri_2.jpg 26-Dec-95 Siri K 23 03 thor222_main.lha 23-Dec-95 Offline reader, main archive (requir 21 04 amigae32a_e.lha 07-Aug-95 Amiga E v3.2a extras archive 15 05 amigae32a.lha 07-Aug-95 Amiga E v3.2a distribution archive. 15 06 thor222_bbs.lha 23-Dec-95 BBS archive for THOR 2.22 (QWK/FIDO/ 14 07 ncomm306.lha 10-Mar-96 ncomm306 14 08 HDPass.lha 07-Dec-95 Password system for Hard Drives. 12 09 PAMELA03.MPG 07-Aug-95 Pamela Anderson 12 10 ors_pt3c.lha 23-Feb-96 ProTracker V3.30 beta 2 12 11 thor222_inet.lha 23-Dec-95 Internet archive for THOR 2.22 (TCP/ 12 12 MUI33usr.lha 09-Mar-96 MagicUserInterface version 3.3 12 =========================================================================== Total Files DL (Files): 3984 Total Download (Files): 571785 KB Total Files DL (Users): 4190 Total Download (Users): 634192 KB Average per DL (Files): 143.52 KB Average per DL (Users): 151.36 KB Bugs/contact.. --------------- If you find any bugs, then please contact me as soon as possible.. You can contacte me with on (or two) of these ways: E-MAIL: OR BBS : Key Stroke BBS - +47-7847-1042 (Norway) - Have fun - Signed: dR. iCE/lISENCE
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