short : Free release of Powerful BBS Software written in assembler. author : (NoaH/Mad Virgin) uploader : teorist afrodita rcub bg ac yu (Teorist/Mad Virgin) type : comm/bbs version : 1.30 beta 4 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 594.45K Date : 9-Dec-97 Download : 💾
DayDream BBS is written in 100% assembler and is therefor one of the fastest BBS programs availiable on Amiga today. This version is FREE (no limits!) to use until v2.0 is released. For more info read docs! Features ~~~~~~~~ - DayDream BBS looks like AmiExpress, which is a much loved and hated BBS software. Most of the people who like AmiExpress like it because of it's simpliness and because it's very fast to use. However, AmiExpress requires a very fast CPU to operate smoothly and the configurability is rather poor too. DayDream fixes the major problems found in AmiX. - 100% assembly code. DayDream is probably the fastest BBS-software ever. - Number of conferences is limited to 64. Each conference can have up to 254 messagebases and fileareas. 64*254 = 16256 (or for Pentium users 16255.999999987.) - Maximum security. Each user can have their own securitysettings, but defaults are taken by securitylevel. Every command in DayDream can be toggled on/off. - Basic utilities and doors are included in distribution archive. For example: Faker, whof, new, top list -utilities, weektop etc. - Configuration is done via an ascii file. This enables quick modifica- tions to the BBS' settings. Asciifile is converted to binaryformat with utility called DreamConfig. It takes about 1 sec to compile the datafiles with it. - If you don't like editing Textfile, there's a MUI based configprogram included. (Read MUIConfig.DOC!) - Superb upload handling. Full support for file_id.diz, gets date from file_id.diz (if wanted), built-in offline checking, adds file_id.diz to archives if it didn't exist etc. - Strings and prompts can be re-defined, so you can customize your BBS any way you like. - You can have 254 different displaymodes. Each displaymode can have it's own characterconversiontables (=no more linefeeds), prompts and strings and textfiles. - Multinode support. Supports up to 254 nodes in theory. I suppose you can have at least 5 nodes on regular 030 without too high CPU-Load. - Door formats supported: DayDream, ARexx, Paragon, stdio. AmiExpress preudo-rexx "XIM" doors work via external emulation. - Supports XPR-Protocols, Hydra+SModem (Bidirectional w/ chat). - Supports FTP-transfers. There's a custom ftpd for DD to have on-the-fly dupechecking. - Cheap. This version of DayDream is FREE !!! - Everything else except DDHydra and SModem can be made resident! Requirements ~~~~~~~~~~~~ - KickStart 2.04 (V37) or higher. - Fifo.library and l:fifo-handler running (for stdio doors etc.) - Reqtools.library Support ~~~~~~~ DayDream is currently being developed at full speed and I intend to continue as long as there is any interest in this program. If you have any comments, discover some bugs or have any suggestions etc feel free to send E-Mail to me. --- Regards and best wishes, .---. ! NoaH ! Vladimir Petrovic / NEW \ coder of DayDream BBS Software e-mail \_/-\_/ member of < MAD VIRGIN > group ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- visit Mad Virgin home_page at -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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