short : Best and quickest Zippy 2.0 for FAME author : uploader : schuerge cscip uni-sb de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 68.57K Date : 12-Mar-97 Download : 💾
dCN!ZiPPY v2.0 (09.03.97) ------------------------- dCN!ZiPPY is a very fast and reliable Zippy for FAME using very tricky but great algorithms to achieve this lightning speed. Unbelievable features --------------------- o 100% Shareware multinode FAME door. o Installation via Installer. o Configurable via a MUI prefs program. o 68020/030/040/060 optimized version available. o Extremely fast even on slower processors. o Very reliable (Enforcer checked). o Breakable at any time. o Very compact. o Multiple pattern scan (100 patterns maximum). o Reverse scan (not yet). o Global conference scan. o Dir1/Dir2/All/Upload/Hold scan. o Nice design. o Found patterns are colored in viewed files. o Marks already flagged files. o Nice cursor-flagging. o Adaptive to several user settings (e.g. screenlines, screenclear etc.). o Dual asynchronous read-ahead scan buffers. o Adaptive buffer sizes for scan buffers (memory dependent). o Uses hyper-speed Boyer-Moore search algorithm. o Searches, loads and displays asynchronously using 3 different processes (real multitasking). o Loads next buffer while searching the current one. Extremely efficient with DMA harddisk transfer, because the cpu would otherwise be idling while loading. o Totally independent display/flagging, meaning you can look at found entries, jump to different locations and flag files while the searchtask is searching at almost full speed. o Holds up to 1000 found entries (configurable).
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