short : Best and quickest 64-Bit Multitop 2.0 for FAME author : uploader : TranceTip lcs ndh com type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 284.09K Date : 14-Oct-96 Download : 💾
dCN!mULTiTOP v2.0 (10.10.96) ---------------------------- dCN!mULTiTOP is a very fast and flexible Multitop tool for FAME. It can be used as an online-door, as well as an external bulletin creator. The program uses external design files, which can be created by any user. The format of these files is described thoroughly in this guide. The author would like to see Ansi-artists send own designs for dCN!mULTiTOP to him! dCN!mULTiTOP consists of three main parts: o dCN!tOP (Shell) A Shell tool which can create all kinds of bulletins. Belong these are global, Weektop and Conftop bulletins. o dCN!wEEKTOP (FIM) A FAME door that posts weekly Weektop automessage in selected conferences. It creates and displays Weektop bulls in realtime as well. o dCN!cONFTOP (FIM) A FAME door that posts weekly Conftop automessages of selected conferences. It creates and displays Conftop bulls in realtime as well. The following additional programs are included: o dCN!cONFTOPPREFS and dCN!wEEKTOPPREFS (Shell) These are the MUI prefs programs for Conf/Weektop. o dCN!tOPiNiT (Shell) This program reads the FAME file and creates a data-file for the global top. o dCN!tOPStAt (FIM) This is the core of dCN!wEEKTOP and dCN!cONFTOP. It will survey Up/Downloads and logoffs and writes all relevant data in an own data- file. There are loads of designs included as well. Features -------- o 100% Shareware FAME Door or Shell-command respectively. o Installation via Installer. o 68020+ optimized version available. o Faaast even on slower processors. o Very reliable (Enforcer checked). o Nice MUI prefs program included. o Uses only best applicable algorithms. o Very flexible. o Can choose designs randomly. o Available as online-door and as bulletin creator. o Posts weekly automessages. o Records only selected conferences for dCN!cONFTOP.
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