short : CNet/5 Professional BBS (DEMO) author : (Ray Akey) uploader : rakey netrover com (Ray Akey) type : comm/bbs replaces : cnet4demo.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.66M Date : 24-Mar-99 Download : 💾
CNet/5 Professional BBS demo package. CNet/5 Registration provides you with free maintenance releases up to, but not including, CNet Amiga v6.0. Please read all contained .readme's, guides and the contents of the changes/ directory for more information. !changes.readme and ! contains the most verbose discussion and bug fix history or current (and many past) releases, beta or otherwise. To inquire about registering/support, please feel free to contact ZenMetal software via any of the following outlets: INTERNET EMAIL: OFFICIAL CNET WEB PAGE: POSTAL (SNAIL MAIL) ADDRESSES: ZenMetal Software Attn: Ray Akey 411 Bridge Avenue Windsor, ON Canada N9B 2M3 MAILING LIST: (SEND EMAIL TO) To: Subject: SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE CNET BULLETIN BOARD SUPPORT SYSTEMS: (519)256-0278 - The Metal Shoppe BBS (Development/Sales/Support/Licensing) (519)256-7378 - The Metal Shoppe BBS (line #2) INTERNET RELAY CHAT CHANNEL server : port : 6667 channel: #cnetindependent
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