short : Extensive chat for TCP/IP and/or BBS author : uploader : o wagner lsd wupper de type : comm/bbs version : 4.15 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 144.29K Date : 7-Feb-96 Download : 💾
Long: This is a multi-user multi-channel chat system somewhat based on IRC. It can be used via TCP/IP connections or totally standalone. It features: o unlimited number of users o unlimited number of channels o private messaging o automatic user identification o NEW: private channels o NEW: IRC compatibility demon to allow any IRC client to join a clchat server. o flood protection o user banning o multiple server capability with loop protection o channel operator privileges for setting channel topics and removing users from a channel o chat operator privilege for global channel operator status and removing users from chat completely The user frontend for the chat is a comfortable GUI client providing o easy user & channel operations o input history o automatic notifications of certain events via Deiconification or beep o builtin ARexx-Port o NEW: Dialog windows for direct user<->user communication o NEW: direct file transfers to remote users via IP There is also a ANSI client suitable for BBS usage: o full ANSI/VT100 compliant text output, completely using STDIO. o suitable for any BBS package capable of running STDIO apps. o different colors for various messages. === changes since Release 4.13 === Release 4.14 ------------ - did some work on the CLChatGUI-Client (see history) - MODE +o/-o will now work in CLChatIRCD - fixed QUIT stealing on CLChatIRCD - fixed CLChatD crashing w/ messages > 255 Bytes - several small cleanups Release 4.15 ------------ - did some work on the CLChatGUI-Client (see history) - fixed CLChatIRCD 312 WHOIS response. - added a kludge to avoid CLChatIRCD CTCP loops. - fixed a severe security hole in the bot coding when calling external programs involing the pipe symbol. - doubled MessageID space. - user bans are now global and broadcasted via the network.
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