short : Baud Bandit Bulletin Board System 8.5 author : uploader : rlstockton cup portal com type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 766.96K Date : 15-Sep-95 Download : 💾
Up to 99 file libraries with extended filenotes. Up to 99 fully threaded message conferences. Number of users, files, messages, etc. are only limited by storage space. Controlled file library and message conference access for users & sysops. Interface to extra devices like CD-ROM & others, all treated as Read-Only. Complete Email area including binary mail, and multiple forwarding. User statistics including messages written, files ul/dled, time, etc. Independent, freeform user profile/bio/resume area. RexxDoors include Grin_du_Jour, Polling_Place, Star_Trek, ShoList, Hollywood_Squares, Wheel_Of_Fortune, with many more available. Searches: Search users, file descriptions, or messages. Online Text Editor: with Cut, Paste, Replace, and Spellchecking. Separate multi-tasking module for local sysop logon. Background archiving of selected messages, files, and/or file descriptions. Call Back Auto-Verification for local callers. "Friends List" fast email. NOW INCLUDED: A complete offline reader/answerer, bbsQUICK.rexx and all required freely distributable libraries. To see this BBS running, call (206) 744-1254 written by Richard Lee Stockton of Gramma Software FREELY DISTRIBUTABLE AS LONG AS COPYRIGHT NOTICE REMAINS NOTE: Requires ARexx 1.15 and BaudBandit 1.50 (or greater). RELATED FILES: BBDoors84.lha SpellBBS.lzh
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