short : Voting Booth door for DLGPro v0.991 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 25.30K Date : 15-Aug-92 Download : 💾
--------------------- THE VOTING BOOTH 1.0b --------------------- by Tom Warkentin Copyright (C) 1992 I wrote this little Voting Booth program because my users kept saying "Well let's take a vote" when I suggested some changes for the BBS. Anyway, it's written specifically with DLG Pro in mind, however it may also work with Falcon CBCS. Compatibility with any other BBS software is questionable as I haven't experimented alot with any others. FEATURES: -------- o Obeys user ANSI settings o Some screen width support o SysOp configuration menu o configurable user addition level o configurable SysOp level o configurable booth title o up to 30 different Topics, each with a maximum of 30 choices o configurable maximum # of topics and choices within range above o multiple booths may be setup with different topics & choices o it's FREE v1.0b - updated to work with DLGPro v0.991 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This software is FREEWARE and may distributed so long as the following files are included in the archive: VOTE - the executable file VOTE.doc - docs on setting it up README - features and freeware notice Any archiving method may be used, however nothing can be added or ommitted from the archive. Furthermore, the files mentioned above may not be modified in any way. Under no circumstances can a fee be charged for the distribution of the files! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problems with the archive should be e-mailed to
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