short : Creates LISTs ALL ABBS PUPTOCONF files author : uploader : sss stud unit no type : comms/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 14.87K Date : 15-May-95 Download : 💾
Name : VIPfilelister -------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS PROGRAM IS A COPYRIGHTED PUBLIC DOMAIN PROGRAM. YOU CAN COPY IT AND USE IT ALL YOU WANT. IT DOES NOT COST ANYTHING. CD COLLECTIONS LIKE AMINET CD'S AND FRED FRISH/FROZEN FISH ARE ALLOWED TO ADD THIS PROGRAM TO THEIR COLLECTIONS. EXCEPT FROM SUCH CD COLLECTIONS IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SELL THIS PROGRAM OR CHANGE IT IN ANY WAY. IF YOU WANT TO YOU CAN SEND ME A GIFT :) LONG : VIPfilelister creates a seperate file list for each ABBS conference that contains files uploaded privatly to it. It then installs all of these filelists in ABBS as private uploads to the different conferences with P.U. to C. files. The sysop can easily configure where the TEMPORARY files should be, where they should be installed in ABBS (DIRNAME) and what file formats they should be available in. Prefs uses a nice GadTools 2.04+ GUI :) Usage: VIPfilelister VIPfilelister -c (For prefs/config) You have to run VIPfilelister manually once to configur it. After that you can include it in your CyberCron script etc. Info : The first time you run VIPfilelister you'll have to configure the program to your needs. After that you just run the program and it does everything! You can for instance run it through CyberCRON at a certain time each night to update ALL your VIP filelists. Nice & easy. Required files: C:COPY C:DELETE ABBS:ADDFILE (2.5 (19.Feb.95 OR with equal command args) ABBS must be running! How2Install: Copy VIPfilelister where you want it, just make sure that "Copy" & "Delete" is in the C: directory and that you have "Addfile" in the ABBS: directory $VER: VIPfilelister 1.1 (10-May-1995) ©1995 Stig Bjåland $HISTORY: 1.1 Third release - 10 May 95 More text output added. ("Installing FILENAME") Bugfixes: Sometimes some dirnames was missing in some lists - fixed. VIPfilelister installed *.txt format lists even if that option was off - fixed. Date format was in FORMAT_CDN not in the ABBS format, and the list was not exactly like the one ABBS produces. Now it's 100% equal to the ABBS output so THOR and other programs that parses the filelist will have no troubles. (Dirnames also missed an "/" - fixed, and "I" on files with information added) 1.0 Second release - 06 May 95 Bugfix: Findfile in ABBS didn't work :-( 0.9 First release - 28 Apr 1995
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