short : Typing game door for DLG (pro) author : Wim Rumping uploader : mak fwi uva nl type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 84.03K Date : 22-Jan-94 Download : 💾
Update! ******************************************************************************* * H Y P E R T Y P E R * * v2.20 5-1-93 * ******************************************************************************* HyperTyper is a doorgame I saw on a MS-DOS BBS two days ago (I was asked several times to visit the new BBS of a friend of mine, and after ten times, I finally called). It is very simple, but highly addictive. The object of the game is to become the fastest typist on the BBS, that's all :-). In my opinion, this version is now far superior to the MS-Dos version. Every feature supported in the MS-Dos version is included in this one (Except that in this version, users CANNOT add words to the words.txt file!). - The ansi graphics of the DLG version looks better, - The input routines are better (MS-Dos version discards some of the input if the user types too fast!!), - The DLG version supports DLG's inform command. Users will be told if someone has beaten them! - Bonus points are awarded for fast typers in the DLG version, - The DLG version supports TRUE multiuser games! The MS-Dos version only has a 'Play vs Sysop' mode, in which the user must use the lower characters, and the Sysop uses the upper characters (The Sysop must press caps-lock :-)). - The DLG version features true highscores! Only a user's highest score is kept in the list! - Incoming broadcasts are captured and shown in the multi-user page system (featuring a very nice who's online window), and in the menu screen. - Chat mode included after playing a game in battle mode, so you can tell your opponent about the fact that you have a tenniselbow, and that he has gotten all the easy words :-)). - The DLG version has a statistics list, with 10 methods to sort it :-) Features the MS-Dos version has, and the DLG version doesn't: - The DLG version doesn't have a 'suggest word' feature (I hate those!). - The MS-Dos version places random dots on the places left open when the laser moves to the right. It looks nice, but also it looks quite stupid to have a 'space background' on the left, and just a black screen on the right. It is one of the most addictive doorgames I know for DLG Pro, so I suggest you give it a try on your board! (And pay the shareware :-))
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