short : Tempest BBS v3.15-June 7,1994. Just has updated files. author : Mikael Bockert, Rick Rumer (1993), Tim Hatzenbeler (1991) uploader : stev0836 mars rowan edu (David Stevens) type : comm/bbs Uploaded-to: architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 511.15K Date : 10-Jun-94 Download : 💾
- Added Hydra Bi-Directional Protocol to Tempest! Now you will be able to upload and download at the same time. Tempest is the first in the WORLD! that has this on Amiga.. - Had to customize the hydra protocol to work with Tempest BBS. Hydra did not work with BBS Software in its original state. - Added upload/download protocol selection to the Terminal Settings for selecting between internal zmodem and hydra bi-directional protocols. - Added upload/download protocol selection to the UserEditor.mod Module for selecting between internal zmodem and hydra bi-directional protocols. - Added download list creation file for Hydra Protocol. - Had to go back to the old SAS c 5.10 b compiler for now since there are some bugs in the new compiler. Will go back to the new one once I work out some work arounds for the new compiler's bugs. In doing this the exe size of tempest is around 60 k bigger. - Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where memory was being over written, found this bug by switching back to the old Lattice Compiler for testing. - Added support for Hydra uploads during a downloading. Now after the download all files that were uploaded during the same time will be handled just like all uploads are handled. - Added support for Hydra to handle the moving of completed uploads to the done directory. Therefore handling all incomplete / complete uploads and allowing upload resuming. - Added duplicate upload checking to Hydra Protocol, it will check the uploads.opt file as well as all other nodes for duplicates. However it does not currently check the user's current file area's dir, unless you add it to the uploads.opt file, in which case it is fully working. - Added support for Hydra so that all downloads are counted against users. Previously they were all free. This is the last step in the instalation of hydra into Tempest. Tempest now has it fully working and is the first in the world to support it on an Amiga bbs program. - Added CPS and Transfer Time report to download status report in Tempest for Hydra protocol. Now Hydra users can see their cps and transfer time for all downloads. - Tempest no longer opens and closes the rexxsyslib.library everytime an arexx door is executed. Now Tempest opens the library open loading tempest and closes it upon quiting tempest. I also found out that Tempest was opening this library every time an arexx door was called and never closing it, just kept opening it. - Had massive problems and bugs lately when I went back to sas 5.10b, so I went back to sas c 6.51, since the bugs on 6.51 are not as bad as 5.10b. - Changed the last download/upload prompt to include an option to change protocol's just before starting a transfer. - Added new feature for file areas. Now it is possible to set up an area to not give uploaders any credits to any files uplaoded to that area. FEATURES - Front End (TrapDoor) Support for Fidonet - Multi-Language Text File Support - 128 Per User Flags for controlling Users! - Command History (Working on all term software!) (PCBoard,Cnet,Excelsior, Ami Express,etc don't work on all!!!!) (Up/Down Cursor Keys to scroll through previously typed commands) - File_Id.diz (Auto Descriptions) Detection (Supports: dms,doc,dox,exe,lha,lzh,txt,zip) Tempest was FIRST! in the world to have file_id.diz support on Amiga Run BBS Software!! and will continue to have the best file_id.diz implementation always. Tempest sets the standards! - File_Id.diz (Auto Creation) Also first in the world to have auto creation of File_id.diz files if they did not already exists. (Supports: dms,doc,dox,exe,lha,lzh,txt,zip) - No Connect Messages to enter, they are built into the software! - Flagged files remain flagged even if you lose carrier. - Flag / Select files for download with full range & wildcard support. - Tempest handles the stack internaly, you never have to worry about the stack. - BBSConfig Module (Configure the entire board remotely from a door) - Many different [ WHO is online ] Modules - Internode Controller Module - Abort user's transfers from another node (remote) - Kick users off from another node (remote) - Change online time of a user on another node (remote) - Internode Message Sending Module - Internode Line Chat Module (Mutiple Users) - Internode Live Chat Module (One on One) - Full drop to dos option. - External Account Editor System (In addition to the internal one) Tempest requires kickstart 2.04 (V37) or greater to run. If you don't have kickstart 2.04 or greater, you can try kicking a rom image file into memory to upgrade your system to a newer kickstart. Tempest Support BBS - Dawn Of Eternity (515-255-3212) (7 Nodes) Call the support BBS and leave mail to: The Skeleton (Michael Bockert) Fido Address: Coming Soon To register for Tempest send check or money order for $85. U.S. Dollars. To: Michael Bockert 3846 - 36th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50310 United States Include: Include your Handle, Real Name, Address, Voice and Data phone numbers, name of your bbs, and any other info you feel is valid. Also call the support BBS and get yourself an account for future help and upgrades of the BBS Software. After your money has cleared you will get the latest BBS Software and your own personal key file.
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