short : Tempest BBS Demo v3.40. Has all files except for registration files. author : Mikael Bockert uploader : jgiersdo visionsoft com type : comm/bbs Uploaded-To: architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.33M Date : 8-Mar-96 Download : 💾
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Complete GUI Server System with tons of gadgets, more than any other BBS Server! - Hydra Bi-Directional Protocol Support (First! on Amiga to support it). - Internal Hydra Protocol Support (First! on Amiga to do it). - Full Resident ability for all of Tempest. - Telnet ability with telnetd.device. - File_id.diz Auto Descriptions (First! on Amiga to support it). - Tempest was the first and still only software to have a Background Batch Upload Processor, files go online right away, no waiting for batch to get done! - Multiple Language Support. - RipGraphics Support (Remotely Only). - Most advanced flag/select files System of any bbs software. - Fax support for receiving incoming fax, - Internode Message Sending Module. - Internode Line Chat Module. - Internode Live Chat Module. - Internode Controller: - Abort user's transfers from another node (remote) - Kick users off from another node (remote) - Change online time of a user on another node (remote) - Shutdown nodes (remote) - Reboot Computer (remote) - Reserve Node (remote) - BBS Config program for setting up all configurations for all nodes. NO ICONS! - Special door version of the BBS Config program so you can define all configs from remotely. - Front End (TrapDoor) Support for Fidonet - Definable Prompts / Text, can even have different prompt files for different languages. - 128 Per User Flags for controlling Users! - Command History (Working on all term software!) - Flagged files remain flagged even if you lose carrier. - Flag / Select files for download with full range & wildcard support. - View/Test/Read Text Inside/Download file inside archives. - Tempest handles the stack internally, you never have to worry about the stack. - Ansi Type Support. - Full Screen Msg Editor. - Full drop to dos option. - External Account Editor System (In addition to the internal one) with Global Editing Options. - Can edit a user's account from another node, even if that user is on another node at the time, it updates the user online. - There are currently 2 servers for Tempest in the works. Some are beta testing these servers. Take your pick! There will be even more to choose from later on. Full programming info is given out to programmers that wish to code their own servers. We don't hide things from the programmers who like to code their own stuff. - Tempest supports its own Tempest doors. - Tempest supports Paragon Doors. - Tempest supports Dos Doors. - Tempest has its own Arexx interface for Arexx doors (hundreds of cmds). - Zippy search through the file listings for up to 10 patterns at once. 10 patterns with 1 scan of the file listing. - Protection against ZModem Leech utils which give users free downloads on other bbs software, but not on Tempest! - 3 Different sysop chat systems. Normal Chat, Horizontal Split Screen, and Vertical Split Screen. - Null Modem Hookup/Connect option. Tempest requires kickstart 2.04 (V37) or greater to run. If you don't have kickstart 2.04 or greater, you can try kicking a rom image file into memory to upgrade your system to a newer kickstart. Tempest Support BBS - Dawn Of Eternity (515-255-3212) (7 Nodes) Call the support BBS and leave mail to: The Skeleton (Michael Bockert) Fido Address: Coming Soon To register for Tempest send check or money order for $85. U.S. Dollars. To: Michael Bockert 3846 - 36th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50310 United States Include: Include your Handle, Real Name, Address, Voice and Data phone numbers, name of your bbs, and any other info you feel is valid. Also call the support BBS and get yourself an account for future help and upgrades of the BBS Software. After your money has cleared you will get the latest BBS Software and your own personal key file.
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