short : AmigaGuide List Creator For TA, FIX & NEW author : Stuart Gillibrand uploader : psychoed digitald demon co uk type : comm/bbs version : 1.1 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 38.28K Date : 29-May-96 Download : 💾
Tag is an Amigaguide filelist creator for TransAmiga BBS s/w ((C) S.Radwan 94-96) which is both easy to use and extremely fast. The reason I wrote this is because I saw a Guide creator written by Tom Pereira (Hello m8 how's life with Zeus?) in rexx but it was never released and was given to Neil Barrett (TA UK support BBS) only (custom coded). Then one night I saw Guide-X, well this was ok, but I guessed it was coded in Arexx and would be slow and it didn't do half of the stuff Tag can do - thus Tag was born! Tag is coded in 100% C and is therefore damned fast at it's job. It has many options (see @{" Usage " Link "USAGE!_TAG"}) and creates guide files full of colour, life and with the ability to FREQ files from the originating BBS! History: Version 1.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Details 28-May-96 v1.1 - Fixes & Improvements! BUGFIX, Tag would crash if you had an ODD number of file areas (e.g. 79/13/35). (Arrgh!) now this is fixed, sorry about that ppl! BUGFIX, Tag now only regards the "X" (ON) flag as important when checking for access to an area, (e.g. XXXXXXXX would include areas that have --X-----). NEWOPT, Now you can specify to list ONLY files that are up to (including) [x] amount days old. .MISC., General code tweaking applied ;). .MISC., Corrected *TINY* error in this guide file. *NOTE*, Due to the format of the TransAmiga filebase commenting and FILE_ID.DIZ usage it is *IMPOSSIBLE* to differentiate between them to 100% accuracy! Therefore if you are listing files in "-n" mode only the FIRST filebase comment will be printed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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