short : Keeps a check on a running version of TransAmiga author : Olly Koenders uploader : Craig Hutchison (chutch ajm net au) type : comm/bbs version : 1.1 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.97K Date : 14-Sep-98 Download : 💾
TransAmiga Checker V1.0 by Olly Koenders 12-02-98 TA_Checker will search for each node of TransAmiga (0 - 4) every 5 seconds and if one is found active, will continue checking until no nodes are found. At this point TA_Checker will open a window on the frontmost screen informing you of its discovery, and count-down from 9 to 0. At 0 a soft-reboot will be performed. The reboot is deemed necessary as TransAmiga has a habit of quitting when an error has been encountered, and some TrapDoor utilities may still be initialized. If "Abort" is clicked before end of count then TA_Checker will simply quit completely and must be run again to resume checking. Note that due to the routine used a maximum of a second may elapse before TA_Checker actually quits. To start TA_Checker the first time, use: C:Run TA_Checker Starting with an Icon has been removed, as it seems more likely to be started from a script. To quit TA_Checker before quitting TransAmiga (when using automatic cron scripts): TA_Checker 0 This will inform the first running copy of TA_Checker to quit, and since the node-checking routine delays 5 seconds between checks, there will be upto a 5 second delay before the script/CLI resumes. You may then quit TransAmiga without threat of reboot. Thanks to Craig Hutchison from The Dead Letter Deptartment. (+61-3-9571-7194) for requiring this proggy and the helpful info :) Enjoy. Olly.
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