short : First Release of TAFileTagger. (ANSI BBS FileScroller) author : Juergen A.Lamers uploader : jaloma wuivendriet fido de (Juergen A Lamers) type : comm/bbs version : TAFileTagger 1.1.6 requires : KS/WB 2.04 or later, TransAmiga 1.11 architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : Aminet, TAFILES Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 337.11K Date : 6-Dec-95 Download : 💾
At first I would like to give a short overview to this program. It bids for the user a comfortable replacement for the normal filemenu : o Scrolling, o Download, o Upload, o Private Userarea without changes to the File.cfg, o Sysop Filearea without changes to the File.cfg, o Online FRequest Handling, o Sort the Files.bbs online, o Viewing texts, o Viewing archivs, therein reading texts, o Easy change to another area, o User can "exclude" an area, o Language sensitive, o Groupstructure. The TAFileTagger is integrated in the TransAmiga environment as far as possible. So every filemovement of the user is registered on his/her account. I will explain the extras by using and installing this program at the individual commands. In contrast with the registered version this version has no functional restrictions. Thanksgiving ------------ I would like to thank Sami Radwan for his Oberon-Source from the TransAmigaLibrary and the AMOK-Club for their untiring job in reference to Modula-2 and Oberon with the Amiga. But also I should not forget Andreas Przystaw and would like to thank him, for his help with patience and knowledge in the Beta-phase. And a general Thank You to the user of my BBS. Contents of the Archiv ---------------------- bin/ TAFileTagger - Mainprogram TAFileIndex - Utility to generate the indexfile used by Upload-Scan TaggerCfgWrite - WB-Application to modify the TAFileTagger- Configfile TaggerConCfg - CLI-Application to modify the TAFileTagger- Configfile, so you can take changes within TrShell. TAAreaExclude - External Tool to exclude fileareas by the user. UpdateExcl - Sysop Tool to update the exclude-setups of your users. FileCfg2Txt - Nothing special... configs/ TAFileTagger.cfg - Example Config-File Tagger.lang - Language File (german) Tagger.english.lang Tagger.Deutsch.lang text/ TaggerMainHelp.ANSI - Helpfiles. TaggerListHelp.ANSI TaggerArcHelp.ANSI TaggerAreaHelp.ANSI TaggerPrivateHelp.ANSI TaggerFreqHelp.ANSI TaggerSysopHelp.ANSI system/ PrivUser - Beispieldatei zu PrivUser. rexx/ TAFileTagger.trans - ARexx-Script to launch TAFileTagger by TransAmiga PrivUser.logon - ARexx-Script to generate the private FileArea during Login. FExclude.trans - ARexx-Script, do the same as TAAreaExclude Download.tagger.0 - TAFileTagger-MagicRexxScript ala Download.trans. Upload.tagger.0 - TAFileTagger-MagicRexxScript ala Upload.trans. examples/ Logon.trans - Example-Script LogOff.trans - Example-Script Main.rx - Example Config-File UpdateTAIndex - Example Script to update the indexfile docs/ - TAFileTagger.doc - English documentation. TAFileTagger.dok - Deutsche Dokumentation. TAFileTagger_E.dvi - Documentation (en). TAFileTagger_D.dvi - Documentation (de). RegForm_E.txt - Plain-ASCII-File for registration (en). RegForm_D.txt - Plain-ASCII-File for registration (de). Address ------- OMA-Software Jürgen A.Lamers Altstr. 112 D-52066 Aix la Chapelle Tel.: +49-(0)241-571489 Fax : +49-(0)241-573145 Box : +49-(0)241-573145 Fido Juergen A.Lamers 2:2452/121.0 E-Mail 242:3000/3.0
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