short : Transamiga Filelist Creator V1.58 author : uploader : s_supp ira uka de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 29.92K Date : 28-Jan-95 Download : 💾
Transamiga CreateFileList V1.58 ------------------------------- written 1994 by Mathias Supp 2:2476/539.0@fidoclassic 39:173/50.0@amiganet Sysop of the Amiga Inside I : ++49(0)721-854112 (ZyX192) ++49(0)721-841292 (VFC288) ++49(0)721-841230 (VFC288) Release : 28.01.1995 ============================================================================ Copyright : ----------- This program can be copied freely for privat use ONLY. It's absolutely prohibited to get money in any form for this utility. Exceptions need my expressly permission. Exceptions : AmiNet-CD Fred Fish Collection ============================================================================ Introduction : -------------- This program was created because of some missing features in Sami's Filelister (hello Sami, where's SFL3 ? ;-) ) There were no errors by testing TACFl with enforcer and mungwall. In this version TACfl needs at least 2888 Bytes of stack. ============================================================================ Contents of Archive : --------------------- - TACFl : the program - TACFl_NC : the program without stack/overflow/...-checking maybe a bit faster :-) - TACFl.DOC : english documentation - TACFl.DOK : german documentation ============================================================================ What does it do ? ----------------- Simply creates Filelists :-) 1. complete Filelist 2. Filelist of certain areas 3. Newfileslisting 4. Indexfiles (optionally sorted) Areas with no files won't be listed. ============================================================================ Parameter : ----------- LISTFILE : path and name of the filelist you want to create CONFIGPATH : path to your TA-configs default : bbs:configs/ DAYS : list files which are given days old (0=file from today !) default : list all files SINCE : list files since given date (TA-format !!!) default : list all files AREAFLAGS : list areas with the given flags default : list all areas AREARANGE : list areas in the given arearange format : a-b (list from area a to b) a- (list from area a to the last) -b (list from the first area to b) a (list area a) all formats can be used at the same time by using the "," for example : AREARANGE=1-5,7,20-,10-13 default : list all areas ADDCR : adds a carriage return to each line for PC lamers ;-) default : no carriage return HEADERFILE : file to be at the beginning of the listing default : no headerfile BOTTOMFILE : file to be at the end of the listing default : no bottomfile AREASTAT : create a statistic after each area default : no statistic COMPLETESTAT : create a complete statistic of all areas default : no statistic CREATEINDEX : create an UNSORTED(!!) index for TAFreq by Thomas Boerkel and/or Filelister by Mathias Supp for VERY HIGH searching perfomance; sort the indexfile for use with one of the above utilities (e.g. SORT index index.sort) default : create NORMAL filelist SORTINDEX : create a sorted index for TAFreq/Filelister default : do not sort DELEMPTY : deletes the recent created filelist if ther're no files IGNOREENV : ignore the ENV-variable created by Filelister ? default : do not ignore ============================================================================ History : --------- V1.0 05.05.94 : - first Release, which was to slow in creating a complete filelist - makes enforcer hits V1.1 09.05.94 : - faster in all operations - all enforcer hits removed V1.2 25.05.94 : - up to 3 times faster while creating a complete filelist V1.3 05.06.94 : - creates an unsorted index for TAFreq and Filelister V1.4 07.06.94 : - optionally create sorted and/or shorted indexes 08.06.94 : - index will be sorted at the end with quicksort => VERY HIGH speed improvement V1.41 10.06.94 : - optimized string comparing => half sorting time V1.42 13.06.94 : - optimized reading of Files.BBS => little faster V1.5 15.06.94 : - uses data of Filelister v0.42+ when finding his ENV-variable => no reading from disk necessary - "SHORTINDEX"-option removed because there was no use for the long index V1.52 25.06.94 : - TACFl now doesn't change any more the original variables of Filelister (thanks to Martin for reporting a con- fusing reaction of Filelister) - changed the usage of the file.cfg corresponding to Filelister V0.431+ V1.53 06.07.94 : - because Thomas flamed me to death ( ;-) ) I changed the creating of the filelist when sharing memory with filelister : there will no more be useless spaces at the end of the lines V1.54 13.07.94 : - fixed a bug that causes a crash of Filelister V1.55 29.07.94 : - fixed a bug that causes a "freemem error", thanks to Chris for reporting V1.56 07.08.94 : - double counting of files and bytes when using "days" or "since" fixed V1.57 08.11.94 : - some lines of the files.bbs in the aminet-cd vol. 4 are longer than 100 characters. In this case TACfl crashed sometimes. Thanks to Harald for explicit reporting. V1.58 28.01.95 : - added parameter "DELEMPTY" (see above) ============================================================================ Thanks to : ----------- Thomas Boerkel for the idea of binary-searching Martin Eitel for bug-reporting Chris Qonoey for bug-reporting Sami Radwan for developing/supporting/... Transamiga Harald Meinzer for bug-reporting have fun Mathias P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you understood what I mean.
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