short : TransAmiga BBS v1.26 freeware release author : Sami Radwan uploader : Sami Radwan type : comm/bbs version : 1.26 replaces : comm/bbs/TA1_2*.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.05M Date : 23-Jan-12 Download : 💾
Description: This version of TransAmiga BBS (short: TA) is compiled with HiSoft BASIC 2. The development of this product is finished. There won't be any updates but bugfixes - which is very unlikely to be necessary. The successor TransComm BBS is written in C++ using the StormC and GNU C compilers. It will offer a lot more features especially internet related stuff and will also be free of charge. TransAmiga BBS (TA) is very flexible and extreamely powerfull. Almost everything is customizable. You can use ARexx scripts to add external programs like online games. Most Paragon/Starnet doors and all standard I/O (CLI) doors chan be used easily. An Installer script is provided for update and easy first time setup. TA offers a wide range of internal ARexx commands (more than 150) that allow you to impelemt almost anything you can think of. TA uses ARexx instead of a special script language as many other BBS's do. ARexx is more flexible and comes with AmigaOS (2.04+). There is no ARexx bug I came accross in the years I used it. A new script language would have blown up the size of the prg a lot without any use. Here comes a list of some features: Most SkyLine/C-Net ARexx macros can be run without or with minor changes. Access levels can be defined for every single command and file/message area. Rudimentary support for RIPScrip. An intuitive userinterface is provided. File/byte ratio is optional. FILE_ID.DIZ support for Uploads. AminetCD is supported. Full fidonet FTSC-0001 support. Handles Foozle message areas correctly. Easy to use with TrapDoor, GMS, Foozle, MailManager, etc. BBS remote shell allows external maintenance and similar. Things that can't be done by a script. New online commands can be added easily via ARexx scripts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- end of file -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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