short : Show users info in abbs. v1.8 author : (Kai Michelsen) uploader : kaim powertech no (Kai Michelsen) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 46.57K Date : 21-Nov-95 Download : 💾
Status v1.8 © 1994-95 Quadra Productions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program is © copyrighted by Quadra Productions, but can be freely distributed, provided that the following rules are respected. - No change is made to the program nor to the accompanying documentation - The package is always distributed in its complete form consisting of the following files: "Status.abbs" and "Status.Readme". - Every form of distribution is allowed and encouraged, but no fee can be charged for this program except for, possibly, the cost of magnetic media and/or disk duplication and shipping. - Inclusion in PD software libraries such as Fish Disks is allowed, provided the fees charged for these disks are comparable with those charged by Fred Fish. - The program cannot be distributed in any commercial product without the written consent of the author. By copying, distributing and/or using the program you indicate your acceptance of the above rules. What is this: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This utility will display a detailed information about the current user has done and the setup on the bbs. Most of the information this utility gives you is read from the config and userfile. No panic I read Only so this utility should be safe in use. History: ~~~~~~~~ Version 1.0 - 8 January 1994 First release Version 1.1 - 11 February 1994 Fixed a little ansi bug for bbs's without any ratio! Added QWK bulletin grab Version 1.2 - 24 July 1994 The bug with RAW files is now removed. Version 1.3 - 24 July 1994 Found a bug with QWK bulletins. I think I made this when I removed the bug with RAW files.. Well, Well, Nobody is perfect :-) Version 1.4 - 4 August 1994 The first char in all words is now in uppercase the rest of chars is in lower. The whole source is now max optimized. Version 1.5 - 1994 Found a bug in the Charset translation, this is now fixed. If it not can translate it, then Status will display an "?", and not exit the program like Status v1.4. Version 1.6 - 1995 Removed the translation of the chars, they fucked up! New layout Added UserInfo message number Added LZX in packers Added MAC charset Added a compiled version for max speed in the archive This util will now only work 100% in ABBS v1.1 Beta or newer Version 1.7 - 1995 Some Ansi bug fixed Version 1.8 - 21 November 1995 Kb uploaded and Kb downloaded is now displayed as MB if over 5000Kb. Only a Compiled version is now available in this archive. New design again :-)
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