short : Sigma!Express 0.40 - Conference Based BBS Program for the Amiga author : (Stephan Schiemann) uploader : siegma teuto de (Stephan Schiemann) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 861.06K Date : 8-Nov-96 Download : 💾
Sigma Express Version 0.40 - Date: November 07th 1996 SigmaExpress is a Conference Based BBS Program that is based on the public available Source Code of AmiExpress 2.34. It does not use any Icons unlike the more recent Versions of AmiExpress. It features: - Upto 25 different Conferences & Messagebases - Own DoorPort compatible to AmiExpress 2.x ,3.x and 4.x - Modular System Base (still in Construction) - fully Operationable on 68030/040/060 Processors (Sorry no "000" Support!) - takes Advantage of Matt Dillon`s fifo.library - Shareware (Registration Fee is US $30) - and more... The required FIFO Library Package is available on the Aminet in the Directory util/misc (Filename is fifolib374.lzh) If you wish to register your Copy of SigmaExpress you can easily do it by either sending an Internet Mail to the following Address or call the following BBS(es) and leave a Message to me: E-Mail Address: - This is NO Typo, it IS siegma@.. with the IE :) Main Support BBS`es: Synergy (Germany) - +49-5731-40074 +49-5731-40076 ISDN: 05731-741006 (Telnet Address) USS Enterprise (USA) - +1-412-233-0805 (4 Nodes Ringdown) (Telnet Address) OR you could aswell register instantly by sending a Postal Money Order to the following Address in Germany (Include Name, possible Handle and BBS Name on the Sheet (if thats possible)) Stephan Schiemann Dornenbreite 22 32549 Bad Oeynhausen GERMANY This might be the slowest but also the securest Way (IMO). And by the Way: Registering is just $30 or equal to your Countries Currency e.g: 30$ US would be around 50,-DM in Germany You will receive the latest Version of SigmaExpress, FULL Support a Lifetime and of course the required KeyFile! Do not let the Amiga die, Support the Shareware Programmers by registering the Shareware you use.
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