short : S Y D Professional BBS Stripper author : Marco `Wraith` Smetz ( uploader : aminet art-line de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 257.77K Date : 22-Nov-96 Download : 💾
Description : SYD -PRO- is a Stripper for the BBS Package `Prometheus (PMBS)` . It kills various Adverts easyly and quickly out of LHA,LZX,DMS etc.. Archives using two different methods: Stripping using a Brainfile and a powerful `intelligent` Module called `DUPE-STRIP` which deletes those Adverts without using the Brainfile.It scans the whole archive and deletes those advertisements;also those adverts which were placed in a subdirectory !! The DUPE Strip takes care of not deleting any important data so its VERY safe. SYD -PRO- also adds own adverts to any archive using many different kinds so like a MIRROR Mode,Multi Mode and many others.Adverts can be designed directly to your own BBS,giving you the possibility to make a dufferent advert for any BBS-Directory !! SYD also supports a filechecker having an own FILE_ID.DIZ Saver,Doub-Checker and some other Features.Read the documents for more information. This Version also holds a GUI Setup Program for an easy SetUp of SYDpro. Also SYD now has a great Filechecker wich is very User-variable. SYD is the result of the ideas of many different SysOps having their own wishes and ideas . I hope you`ll like it. This Version 1.30 is a FULL Version. ALL features are available even if you`re an unregistered user ! SYD -PRO- is SHAREWARE. The Price is 20,-DM or an equal amount in your countries money.
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