short : Skyline II BBS v2.06, release 2. Now Shareware! type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 474.20K Date : 28-Jul-94 Download : 💾
Long: ______ ____ ____ _____ ______ ___ ___ ____ / __/ //_/\ \/ / / / _/ |/ / __/ / _ )/ _ )/ __/ _\ \/ ,< \ / /___/ // / _/ / _ / _ |\ \ /___/_/|_| /_/____/___/_/|_/___/ /____/____/___/ Finally!!! What the world has been waiting for!! A shareware version of Skyline BBS! You might have heard it was dead! Well you heard wrong! Omnilink Corp. took over development and distribution. Skyline still the best and easiest BBS program for the money, and just to prove it, here is all you need do to get it running. UNLHA the file to a blank disk in DF0: assign BBS: DF0:turnkey cd BBS: run main And that is it!! You will be up and running with a three node system from a floppy! Of course if you want to install it on your HD, just use the Installsky program and you will be up and running just as fast! You can customize EVERY feature on this BBS to your liking. Full docs in Amigaguide format to aid you in exploring all its features. You will find additional utility programs and docs in LHA format within the TURNKEY directory. Just unarc them and follow directions. This shareware version is a FULL working bbs. It is not crippled in any way, shape or form. The ONLY difference between the shareware version and the registered version, is that the shareware version will display the message.. "Skyline II unregistered shareware version" upon logon. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the registered version. Should you choose to get a registered version all you will need to do to update your setup is replace one file and reuse everything else. No wasted effort. It does not get any easier than that! The current version features the following: - 16 line capability (compatible with CBM's A2232 multiserial card ) - Online conference system with many features - Improved message editor - built in hooks for your own screen editor - Archived mail - FIDO support with TRAPDOOR (not included) - XPR protocol support - Full featured userlog support program - Event scheduler - Highly definable SIGOP capabilities - Full interactive ANSI display for each line - Easy intuition based control of most functions - Password protected databases - Unlimited menu nesting - Detailed constantly updated information Window - 255 access levels, over 200 flag settings per user - access-locked message bases, databases and menus - Runs embedded commands from ANY online text - Will run most CLI doors (these can be written in ANY language) - Easy installation of AREXX doors - "C" doors capabilities - PARNET and CDTV compatible - Full textbase areas - Multiple BBS strings supported - Message quoting, uploading and downloading - Runs as a resident program - Two 24 hrs 7 days per week Support BBS's - RIPScript compatible menus, messages, text - Run embedded commands from RIPscripts The official Support Boards are: MIDI MAGIC BBS 718 846-6941 1200-14.4K ZOOM V32 V42bis WOLVERINE'S DEN 616-922-0987 Dual Standard HST We want also to announce that we are working on the new successor to SKYLINE II: __ _ _ /\_\/ o | | o | | | | _ _ _ _ _ | | _ _ | | | |/ |/ |/ | / |/ | | |/ | / |/ | |/_) \__/ | | |_/ | |_/|_/|__/|_/ | |_/| \_/ (TM) Featuring: New Graphics Protocols (OMNIPIX (tm), RIP, NAPLPS) QWK, FIDO, MCI, INTERNET compatibility Modular design for easy future expansion Network compatible (local and remote nodes) Multiple CPU's Unlimited Lines Real time Multiplayer games Programmed using SAS/C++ as well as assembler code for those speed intensive functions And much much much much much more!!! Due to our ongoing work on Omnilink BBS, we are no longer updating the SKYLINE II BBS program. So why should you register??????? Well, Skyline II is a great BBS program as good as any out there. And for the shareware price, you will have access to the support BBSs, plus %25 discount on the Omnilink BBS when it becomes available. The support BBSs have special sysop message areas and databases that contain plenty utilities programs and games, plus plenty of opportunity for chat with other longtime BBS sysops. So, try out Skyline and get your personal serialized copy, you'll be glad you did! All serial version can be downloaded directly from MIDI MAGIC BBS when you register your shareware version. <<< ORDERING INFORMATION FOR SKYLINE II BBS >>> To order a registered version of SKYLINE BBS software, send check or money order for $30 to: Omnilink Corporation 101-17 121 st. Richmond Hill Queens, N.Y. 11419
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