short : Role-Playing Game BBS/DOOR disk 1 author : (Robert Hurst) uploader : r_hurst loa com (Robert Hurst) type : comm/bbs version : 2.7 final architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 344.98K Date : 13-Nov-96 Download : 💾
This archive contains the FREEWARE executables, support files, fonts, and libraries. It is all you need to run the program. Although disks #2-4 are optional, they contain special support files and documentation that really make this program shine. This is a standalone BBS and a CLI-door program to play a Role Playing Game. It is a very addicting game to those people who are familiar with D&D style of play. User interaction, mixed with intelligent computer opponents, makes this BBS unique and popular to call. Everyone gets tired of message bases, networks, nodes, file uploads & downloads. Most people want fun from their computers. Why not play games with other people? Let your keyboard be your joystick and your modem be your game cartridge! Go kill a monster or another user. Joust for gold and glory. Rob another user. Pick pockets in the Square. Buy a naval warship and hunt sea monsters or sink another user's ship. Create a gang of users to party against another gang or the fearful Monster Mash. Drop into a dungeon and explore your way to fortune & glory. Or, drink beer in the Tavern and start a brawl amongst the other players. Sure, there is even E-mail and message bases for communicating and posting, but the real fun is beating up players, taking their possessions, and hoarding gold! This version is fully playable!!! RPGBBS Deluxe can run using any Commodore Amiga 2.04+ OS with 1meg RAM (more RAM is required for multi-node use), a hard disk, and any Hayes- compatible modem. It was developed on an Amiga 3000T (WB3.1), 18meg RAM, Picasso-II (incredible!), A2232 serial card, and a SupraFAXmodem 14.4k. RPGBBS Deluxe supports 99 levels, unlimited users & gangs, and 16-clients. Up to 20-message bases hold last 100 posts. Up to 16-file areas for transfers using xpr-shareable libraries for protocol compatibility. The software multitasks very well, as it is event-driven and demands very little CPU power at a clip. The program was written in SAS/C v6.56. Happy Hunting!
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