short : Adds Dos File Comments to Aminet Downloads author : uploader : knocker frost3 demon co uk type : comm/bbs version : 0.3 requires : Arexx architecture : m68k-amigaos date : 28-March-1995 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.72K Date : 29-Mar-96 Download : 💾
RMNote 0.3 By Dave Naylor - Frost Free Amiga BBS - Fidonet 2:250/366.0 ========================= ==================== =================== This little utility is something I wrote to assist me with adding File Comments to new Aminet files downloaded with AmFTP. This speeds up the time it takes me to put new files online on my BBS. I always download the .readme files with each archive. On the first line of the .readme is the files short description. RMNote will take that description and add it to the relevent files Dos File Comment and then delete the .readme. It will work on every file within a directory passed to RMNote as an argument. If there's no .readme it will ignore the file. Example: RMNote BBS:Downloads/ Note that RX isn't required as RMNote is executable. A trailing / or : is required for it to work. RMNote is compressed with CompressRexx_2.0 by Robert Hoffman. If you use it, let me know :) Dave Naylor
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