short : A sysop-chat for DLG BBS (needs ks2.0) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 26.20K Date : 28-Jan-93 Download : 💾
TITLE ProChat VERSION 2.0 AUTHOR Riku Puustinen FidoNet address: 2:222/325.0 (Riku Puustinen) Post address: Riku Puustinen Lahdenpohjantie 33980 PIRKKALA FINLAND EUROPE DESCRIPTION ProChat is a sysop-chat for the Dialog bulletin board systems. It doesn't work with any other system. ProChat can be used when the sysop of a BBS and the user of the BBS want to chat. Unlike normal sysop-chats, ProChat is much more convenient to use. ProChat opens two 'windows', which are used as individual screens for the sysop and the user. Both writers can write simultaneously to their own windows and a text written by one user is immediately readable to the other user. And this really means immediately, not after pressing return. ProChat moves the cursor between 'windows' very fast updating both of them at the same time. This may sound slow but it isn't. Of course, there are many other nice features like word-wrapping, redrawing of the screen, clearing of the window, beeping... All texts output by ProChat can be changed easily. Each text is in its own file so it's possible to use ANSI-editors if you want. No more language problems ! A separate program called ProChatConfigEditor is used to change other configurable things. It is very easy to use with GadTools user interface. With the ProChatConfigEditor you can, for example, set a CLI-command which is executed when someone is calling/yelling the sysop. If you want that the ProChat asks for a chat-reason from the user and shows it when the user is calling you (easy to decide is it worth answering). You can also forbid calling for char at certain hours of a day. NEW FEATURES The whole program is reprogrammed. Here are some of the new features: - More configurable and easier to configure - Uses user's rows and columns variables, the size of a sysop's screen, the size of a font etc. to open a window which is biggest possible to both users. - Faster - More system-friendly, a window has a close and zip gadgets and takes less CPU-time. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Requires version 2.0 of the OS. I haven't had a chance to test if V36 is a new enough. The Dialog BBS made by TelePro Technologies. PRICE The version available via FTP is unregistered version, which have some quite important features removed. But you can use it to decide whether you want to register or not. Registration costs 10 USD or 50 FIM. DISTRIBUTABILITY All versions copyrighted by Riku Puustinen. Unregistered version is freely distributable. Registered version must not be distributed (the name of the registerer is put in the ProChat).
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