short : Lastcaller for ABBS. author : (Kai Michelsen) uploader : kaim powertech no (Kai Michelsen) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 50.70K Date : 2-Dec-95 Download : 💾
PitLastII is an last caller utility for ABBS. PitLastII is written in arexx and compiled with rexxplus. PitlastII can generate from 10 to ~ users in the bulletin. PitLastII also supports multinode systems from 1 to ~ nodes. In the bulletin you will get all info you never had dreamed about! Node Number, Username (With mixed letters), Login time, Online time and Modem speed. In the Action bar you have the following things: Downloaded files, Uploaded files, Grabbed Msgs, Read Msgs, Write Msgs, Left comment to Sysop, Used one of the Misc commands, Did Keyword search, Lost Carrier, Fell Asleep, Thrown out, Opened door, New User, Paged Sysop, Bulletin read and Possible Password hacking. Changes ~~~~~~~ PitLastII v2.0 - 26 Nov 1995 - Source is again rewritten and maked much smaller and faster. - Pitlast hang if lines in logfile was other than 70 in length. This is now finally fixed. Pitlast takes the last 4000 bytes of the logfile for scan. - Pitlast is now Compiled with Rexxplus. scan takes now 2-3 sec. - New code to translate mixed letters in username. I use now the lower() command in rexxplsextnd.library. This is much faster than the translate() command I used before. - Added Thrown out in the actionbar. - Lost Carrier, Fell asleep and Thrown out is now in one single bar. - All input/output is taken from the command line. No config files required. - No limit of number of nodes. - No limit of number of users in the bulletin. - Some small cosmetics changes. - The upload bit was set on message upload. This is now fixed. If you find any bugs in this program please let me know! I can be reached on: BBS: +47 22 74 64 39 E-Mail: Kai Michelsen, 26 Nov 1995
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