short : Security door for MAX's BBS. author : Greg Fitch ( uploader : gfitch iccu6 ipswichcity qld gov au type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 26.14K Date : 10-Aug-95 Download : 💾
PassWord Entry v1.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For MAX's BBS v1.52 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By Greg Fitch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This door is a security door for Max's BBS and contains features from both SecurityGate and Bouncer, it lets you set up a config file and your own Ansi screens, it looks for the password for the users trying to get through it in the Comment field of Max's user config, they are then asked to enter the password and if they get it right in they go, but if they get it wrong they have two more goes at it, if they just hit return the will be put back to the menu they were on if they fail to enter the correct password after 3 tries they will be shown an Ansi screen then asked if they wish to leave a message to the SysOp if they choose no they will be logged off, if they choose yes they will be able to leave a message then they will be logged off. If they get the password right they will be given another Ansi screen then sent to the menu or what ever you have chosen in the config. You can also set a minimum auto pass level this will let all users over this level go straight in without entering a password "handy for sysops" the door will also write a log file and add to it when ever someone uses it (except auto pass users) the log shows what the user did (hit return and "QUIT", made it into the menu "ENTERED" or got logged off "FAILED". The config file also lets you put in the paths to the data files and log file for the door and put in 2 lines of text for "QUIT" and "FAILED" these are to make it more configurable for you.
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