short : Makes Files.bbs type lists! author : Olly koenders (An Australian Programmer for the Amiga) uploader : marty axs com au (Glen Martin) type : comm/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.72K Date : 4-Oct-97 Download : 💾
**************************************************************************** MakeList by Olly koenders 03-10-97 (A.R.G [Amiga Resource Group] BBS +61-3-9870-4608 In Oz) Me mate Marty from Gremlins BBS (+61-3-9870-4393) requested a proggy off me a coupla days ago.. Brother Erik chattin' ta Marty on A.R.G: "..Marty says he needs a proggy." Me: (Geez - 'ere we go.. What blimmin' miracle we gonna perform today?) Erik: "..Says he needs it to make a list of files like: filename, size and comment. (reading from chat) comment.. maximum.. 45.. characters.. and.. maximum.. line.. length.. 75.. characters." Me (Rummaging round my electro-chemical processing/storage device [brain?] for something vaguely similar seen before): "Yeah - no probs." It makes a file list similar in construction to the "FILES.BBS" lists ya see on the Aminets etc (..Ooooo - wow!). Olly. ****************************************************************************
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