short : Multi-Comment Door for DayDream BBS author : (Teorist / Mad Virgin) uploader : Teorist (teorist afrodita rcub bg ac yu) type : comm/bbs version : 1.2 replaces : comm/bbs/mv-com1a3.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 20.98K Date : 17-May-97 Download : 💾
Description: New fully configurable COMMENT door for DayDream BBS v1.27 or higher with nice output. Need DayDream & Robowriter (included in DayDream archive) - Support up to 15 names in list. - Work fine on ALL terminals (NON_ANSI mode supported) - Generate Comment statistics (Commentistics :) ), also may generate Commentistics bulletins - Sysop may configure a minimum access level to see list of all names, if user have lower acces level MV_Comment will prompt just to enter a comment to sysop. ********************************************************************** History : v1.00Alfa1 - 01.05.1997. First public release... v1.00Alfa2 - 02.05.1997. - Forgot to set names for RoboWriter in quote - fixed - Finished ASCII mode - Fixed small bug with about names v1.10Alfa5 - 09.05.1997. - Forgot to add function to increase "user_pvtmessages" structure in Userbase after saving comment - fixed now. - Added logfile Commentistic.LOG & Commentistic.DAT Now MV-Comment record each usage - Added Bulletins function (config file is changed!) - By entering '?' in Main Menu, user may see Commentistic screens. - Config parser now get a much more 'inteligent' checks... I hope that all invalid entrys in configuration file will be detected. v1.20 - 15.05.1997. - Fixed !? all bugs in handling Commentistic.LOG & Commentistic.DAT - Optimized Bulletins function @endnode
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