short : Multi-User Teleconference for most BBS's author : Sam Yee (; fido: 1:153/765) uploader : samy sfu ca type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 195.34K Date : 17-Apr-94 Download : 💾
Multi-Talk (or MTalk for short) is a multi-user teleconference system for the Amiga(tm) series of computers. It can run on any bulletin board system (BBS) that supports standard input and output, or even without a BBS. The reason why MTalk was created was because there was, until now, no decent conferencing software for the Amiga(tm) which provides the features and flexibilities of MTalk. Not to mention, there was no conference software that can almost run on any BBS. MTalk's power is unmatched in any other teleconference system. Here is why: (in no particular order) o Unlimited users, channels, and independent conferences. o Command line editing with command history. o Transparent inter-BBS networking. o BBS independence. o Over 60 built-in commands, and external command 'doors'. o AREXX port for external control. o Text windows for simultaneous input/output. o User to user private chats with text windows. o Can be configured as a SysOp chat program. o Command aliases for personalized commands. o Variables for setting user environment. o Task switching between host BBS and MTalk. o ANSI color support. o Command scripts, such as login and logout scripts. o Action commands. o Profanity filter. o Channels may be private (by invitations only), user limited, and moderated. o User may ignore other users. o Private messages ("whispers") o Message logging. o Command output redirection. o Pattern matching.
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