short : Lic Toss V1.0 *.l*c PC or host bundled file(s) Dearchiver - Tosser author : uploader : rlehman uranus esc k12 in us type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : OK for CD's FF or other Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.05K Date : 4-Jun-95 Download : 💾
Lic Toss V1.0 @1995 By Robert Lehman 1:227/152 What is it? : Lic toss is made for Sysops who recieve files from PC or a host : That process all their archives into multible *.l*c files before : Hatching. What Lic Toss does is look for those *.l*c files in your : inbound directory and process them and dearchives them so you can : run your favorite tick process on the archived *.ads, or other files : from the *.l*c archive. Amigados does not make this convention easy : If you happen to be one of the lucky guys to get your files all bundled : into a *.l*c file then you might be wondering why you lost incoming : files like I did, or might be frustrated at the batch processing it : takes to handle those files. Hey I need this, how do I use it? : Real easy, all you need to do is SETENV PATH the path to your inbound : directory. example: SETENV PATH DH4:IN : Note, dont use a / in the ENV statement, : Have Lha, Unarc and Unzip in a path somewhere and, : have rexxmast running in your user startup (what Sysop wouldn't??) : Add lictoss to your afterup process but before your tick tosser, it : doesn't take any command arguments. So um, what won't it do? : Doesn't do the actual tossing itself, you should allready have a decent : Tosser for that job, but, maybe in the future if a demand is for it. : It doesn't do bathrooms or windows, heck, I can't get it to do my homework : and I tried :) Um, dude this is register ware isnt it? : Sorry, I'd like to make it freeware but I'm a full time student : and can't afford to register all the other authors great works : I would like too. If you happen to be one of those I'll accept : A registered version of what you have for a registered version of : this in trade. Great! whats the difference between the registered and unregistered? : The unregistered version will only look for *.lic, *.ljc and *.lkc : files and will only do lha extraction. The registered Version looks : for and process *.lac to *.lzc archives. (In the future I'll throw : in *.arc files and *.zip lic files providing there is a demand.) : Plus you get your name and all the glory associated with it inbedded : into the program. :) OK, so how do I register? : Send 10.00 US to C/O ADS Technical Services : 518 s 33rd street : South Bend, Indiana 46615 : You can reach me the following ways: : : FIDO 1:227/152 : MaxNet 90:90/0 HDQS
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