short : Remove mail pointers for Zeus,Xeno,Dlg & E. author : Anthony Brice & Paul Juhasz uploader : anthony backyard demon co uk type : comm/bbs version : 2.0 requires : Any Amiga, Memory size architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : PostCard or Email required. Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 42.32K Date : 14-Dec-95 Download : 💾
KillJoy is a usefull tool for removing waiting mail pointers across a variety of bulletin boards programs. I use it for clearing waiting mail for my points so they don't get prompted with old mail messages when they logon to the bbs, that they've already recieved through their point. It's also handy for using with names of other visiting sysops so that they get the same faster logon. Currently works for certain with Zeus,Xenolink,Dlg and Excelsior. I'm not sure about other programs so please mail me if it is so I can update the documentation. Killjoy runs via a shell command with many arguments listed in the doc file. Calling it from an icon or with no arguments will pop up the fully featured GUI prefs editor so you can configure the program paths, and names to be processed. KillJoy can be run from a Cron event for maximum effeciency. It's also possible to bump it to any named public screen so it's comfortable with multiple BBS systems or how your computer works. Try it and see. It costs you nothing and you'll love it :-) Written by Anthony (Xerra) Brice and Paul (Phineas) Juhasz!
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