short : File list downloader V2.5 for DayDream author : Ognjen Nedeljkovic ( uploader : Ognjen Nedeljkovic (ogisha afrodita rcub bg ac yu) type : comm/bbs version : 2.5 requires : DayDream V1.27+, works fine with DayDreamNT architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 17.23K Date : 13-Jan-99 Download : 💾
...iNDUSTRY presents... File List Downloader by Ogisha/iNDUSTRY V2.5 -------------------------------------------- DayDream door which allows users to download lists of file catalogs from conferences. Copyright: ---------- This door is copyright of Ognjen Nedeljkovic - Ogisha. (c)1996-1999 by Ogisha's quality doors. Archive can be freely distributed as long as it's kept untouched. Disclaimer: ---------- I'm not responsable if this door cause you any damage. Registration: ------------- Not needed anymore. It's freeware now. Requirements: ------------- You need DreamDoor.library version 5.1 or above. Door was tested on DayDream V1.27. I don't make guarantee that door will work with any older version. It has also been tested with MadVirgin's DayDeam V1.30 BETA 5 and with Nevermind's DayDreamNT beta versions. You need Lha, Lzx and Zip archivers in your C: directory. Instalation: ------------ 1. Just copy file FileListDL without extension to whereever you hold your doors. There are two versions optimised for 68000 and 68020 processors with appropriate file exstensions. 2. Copy FileListDL.CFG to dir where your DreamUtils ENV variable points to. 3. Copy FileListDL.DOC to where ever you hold your docs. 4. Add to your Commands.DAT something like this: ... ... + DOOR_COMMAND.. DD DOOR_TYPE..... 1 DOOR_SECURITY. 5 DOOR_EXECUTE.. Doors:FileListDL %N + ... ... Configuration: -------------- Look for what is written in FileListDL.CFG config file. First is your BBS ID. It is short for your BBS name. It shouldn't be longer than three or four characters. Second is a path for temporary directory. If you want everything to be fast, put it somewhere in RAM:. This must end with ':' or '/'. If you are low in memory, or have lots of nodes, then select temporary directory somewhere else but RAM:, because this door is memory hungry. You should experiment with temporary directory to gain optimal speed and memory usage. Third is Y/N switch. 'Y' will allow users to download lists from password protected conferences (see more in features). It takes effect only if user has selected to download lists from all conferences. Features: --------- This is reliable, very fast and clean written door. It is made to be as fast as it can. All the things which depend on me are written in the fastest way, but some speed depends of speed of the archivers. User can download file areas packed with Lha, Lzx, or Zip, or download it as ASCII text. User can choose between one or all file areas in current conference or even all file areas from all conferences. If user has not access to some conferences, he will not receive lists from them. If user has access to cenferences which are protected with password and he has chosen to download lists from all conferences, you can allow him to download lists from these kind of conferences, or not. If you allow user to download from password protected conferences he will be asked for conference password each time FileListDL finds one. That could be boring if you have lots of password protected conferences which some users have access to, and thats why I added possability to turn it off. Users can allways download lists from password protected conferences if they enter each one separately and if they know the password, of course. File_ID.DIZ is being added to all archives. In File_ID.DIZ are written some data useful for user like BBS name, date, conference, file area, etc. Note: ----- Door was written to work with 16 Cols ANSI, but it should look nice in 8 Cols ANSI, too. ;) Bugs: ----- There should not be any. ;) If you find some contact me. History: -------- 1.0 - First version, written in AREXX. It was used internally on my BBS, only. 1.1 - Added some improvements. Written in AREXX and used internally, too. 2.0 - First public release, written in AmigaE. Added File_ID.DIZ Handling. 2.1 - Added possibility do download file lists from all conferences. Did some code optimizations. Added server activity. Implemented version string. Fixed possible problems with some txt File_ID.DIZ extractors. Improved error handling. Fixed possible problems with multinode BBSs. Rewritten some parts of code in assembler for better speed. Door is even more intelligent now. 2.2 - Fixed stupid bug with Lzx and one area selected. Fixed possible stack problem when all conferences selected. 2.3 - Speeded up file handling a lot. Improved & speeded up File_ID.DIZ creation. Optimised code again. Added file name & lenth information before downloading. Replaced 'A' & 'C' functions. It confused users. This should be the first version distributed out of Yugoslavia. 2.4b1 - Internal beta version. Improved file handling. It's now really fast! Error handling improved. 2.5 - Fixed bug with DayDreamNT betas. Added 68020+ optimised version in distribution. It's freeware now! To Do: ------ Implemet some more features unseen in other doors. :) Unfortunetly, i don't have much time for developing because of my exams. That's why you get a new version every six months. ;) Credits: -------- Dex - for geting me involved with AmigaE King (u-ROSH tHA bEAUTY) - for giving me an idea Wakizashi - for giving me support to continue developing Anty Häyrynen, Mattias Nilsson, Noah (Cmok! bre) - for developing the best BBS software ever Mr.W - For great work on DayDreamNT Wouter van Oortmerssen - for developing the best programing language ;) Contact: -------- E-Mail Adress Ognjen Nedeljkovic Brace Jerkovic 145 11000 Belgrade Yugoslavia Europe or call Underground! BBS +381-11-472-424 Readme created with ARC 3.0 - Copyright (c)1996-98 by Jens Weyer.
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