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8.3 name: cP!-HBDC.LHA HydraBBS door coders wanted =========================== HydraBBS is a new BBS system written by myself, it offers unmatched configurablilty for sysops and loads of nice touches for users. For HydraBBS to really succeed I need some coders to code some new doors for HydraBBS, or to port doors from other BBS systems to HydraBBS. HydraBBS is really simple for door coders to get to grips with, it has two shared libries that offer *complete* direct access to any bit of information about the BBS that you could want, as well a whole host of *really* handy functions and routines to make accessing this data a user friendly as possible. For instance, to get a line of 40 characters of text from the user, that times out after 10 seconds, and displays a countdown timer, provides full line editing and command history,and only allows specific characters, and converts the input to upper case, and dis-allows OLM's, and prompt the user with a text message, you'd just do this: strcpy(N_ND->CharsAllowed,"ABCDE12345-_"); DOOR_GetLine(GL_EDIT | GL_DISPLAY | GL_HISTORY | GL_COUNTDOWN | GL_USECHARS|GL_CVTUPPER|GL_NOOLM, '\0',40,10,"Give me some text :"); How cool is that ? Do that in AmiExpress :-) hehe... Want to tag a file in the current conference ? DOOR_SystemUser("A",filename); Want to display an ANSI screen, particular to the current conference and node, with embedded commands ? No problem: DOOR_DisplaySpecialScreen("my_special_screen"); Want to display a text file ? DOOR_DisplayScreen("HBBS:Storage/Misc/MyTextFile.TXT"); It's just great, m8! *SPECIAL OFFER* For a limited period only, if you code a HydraBBS door of good enough quality and give me the source code for release in future versions of HydraBBS, you'll become a full registered user! If you want to code doors for HydraBBS, you can get the full source code to HydraBBS, with *loads* of example source code, for free, then send an e-mail to: And I'll sort you out! WebSite ======= HydraBBS has it's own website, (or for those that like typing in long url's: Http:// On it you can find the very latest information and upgrades as well as a Web Bases Support Forum where you can post and read messages from other HydraBBS users. Notification Mailing List ========================= There is also a notification mailing list, if you want I can send you an e-mail when I release an upgrade. To get added to the list send a blank e-mail with a subject of "HydraBBS ADD" to: The Author ========== HydraBBS was written by Dominic Clifton Alias Hydra^cP! ex LSD and dAT (CRoSS POiNT is my new scene group as of March 1998!) E-Mail: Mail: 9 Shires Copse, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 4AL. ENGLAND Phone: +44 (0)973 524877 (Anytime up till 10:00pm GMT) Modem: +44 (0)1202 OFFLINE (for the moment) WWW: which currently forwards to Greets ====== It'd like to thank the following people for making this possible: Cruise! Zoltrix Mr Ned [RUiNER] Saint ShuMart Radiosity ICEBeRG malacai tHUNDERCAt chronic nexus2 La Shawn the mixer woober lunix axl cARNiFEX [-Spy-] All IRC doodz! All CRoSS POiNT members All LSD and Ex DataDivision members The following bands, without which I'd never have been able to concentrate: Placebo Seafood Rage against the machine Bush BIS Sunny day real estate Elastica Kenickie The Chemical Brothers Salad Puressence The Smashing Pumpkins Nirvana Heavy Planet Weezer Hole Feline Cake And YOU the user for actually reading this bit without getting bored :-) File_ID.DIZ =========== ___ __ ___ ___ ___ __ __ ___ ___` /___¡ /_ ¡ _ ¡ _ ¡ _ ¡ /_¡ /_¡ _ ¡ _ ¡¯¡ | _/. | `-! |-| ' !-- !-- ! __| ' ! ! T ! ` | T`-----' `-------------' `-------!_.---'T | | | HydraBBS Door Coders Wanted! | | | | Get the full HBBS source code free! | | | +---------------------------------------+
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