short : Mailbox with Fax and XPR Libs UPDATE 2.63 author : (Gerhard MOERTH) uploader : gmoerth ping at (Gerhard MOERTH) type : comm/bbs version : 2.63 replaces : BBS.PRG architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 99.97K Date : 23-Jan-98 Download : 💾
BBS/FAX: +43 (0)1 985 3896 (AUSTRIA 00-24 USRobotics/ZyXEL) WWW: (Updates, Download) WWW: (Registration Online) WWW: (Test Report A-Special) GMC-BBS Ver 2.63 Rev 14-12-1997 Exp 31-12-1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Software is Freeware! © 1990-1997 G_&_CH_MÖRTH I N T R O D U C T I O N GMC-BBS is a mailbox-program written for the Commodore AMIGA by Gerhard and Christine Moerth. This manual will guide you through the installation and helps you with the usage of the software. Generally a "Bulletin Board System" (BBS) is a program which clearly arranges a lot of notes. This and much more does GMC-BBS. Users also can read and write private mails or up- and download programs. Every operation is protected by a security level. For every area of GMC-BBS (Bulletins Menu, File System, Message Board, Private Mail, Setup Menu and User Menu) there is a separate security level. The limits can be set in the configuration file so that only users with the corresponding security level can use the menus. F E A T U R E S - Bulletins, messages and files can be arranged in maximal 100 directories with unlimited subdirectories. Each directory has it's own security level. Directories and subdirectories can contain any number of bulletins, messages and files. The limit is only the available disk space. - GMC-BBS uses external and internal transfer protocols. At the moment "X-modem-checksum" and "X-modem-CRC" are integrated. The program switches automatically to the protocol of the caller. You can include external protocols such as X-modem, Y-modem, Z-modem, Bi-Modem etc. which correspond with XPR standard with the configuration file. - The security level can be individually set for every user. By specific placing of security codes it is possible to delegate the service of the box. - All serial I/O-routines are optimized by hand for best performance. - The SysOp can change the time limit, can edit the rights of the user online at any time, control, block or release security level, printer output, screen output, keyboard input, serial input and output as well as sending the output to the printer or save it as file and he can cause the immediate logout of a user. - Usage with keyboard and mouse for the main functions. - Usergroups with a special info text can be created, time limits and the UL/DL Ratio can be given unlimited. - Different emulations like TTY, TTY+CLS, VT100/ANSI, VT100/ANSI+CLS can be set by the user. - Special characters are accepted. From OS 2.0 on you can use all graphic possibilities of the ANSI emulation with an IBM font. It is urgently recommended to use kickstart version 2.0 or higher. - GMC-BBS was written for highest speed, reliability and flexibility. Efficient programming technique leads to 100% multitasking use under OS 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1. The program was written in C and tested on different machines. - NTSC, PAL resolution and drivers for the serial.device or for internal modems are configured in the TOOL-TYPES or set as parameters when the program starts. - The serial.device can be released to use other terminal programs without restarting GMC-BBS. You can switch the mailbox to "not ready" e.g. to backup your hard disk. During this time there will be no access on the hard disk or floppy disk. - Internal, external modems and highspeed modems are supported perfectly (e.g. higher DTE speed between computer and modem which allows data compression). - Fax call detection and transmission to external fax programs is possible. At the moment ready scripts for Multifax (TKR) and TrapFax (Village Tronic) are included. If your modem has no fax detection or your fax software cannot handle an existing line (shared mode +FCON) you can also connect an external fax switch. - Freely to configure and expand. - Multitasking will not be effected. You can do whatever you want, GMC-BBS runs as a autonomous program and is programmed correctly. NOTE: There cannot be enough RAM. - Built in timer for parking the harddisk automatically. - Built in timer for periodically loading of the system time. The system time is checked and even the program will be stopped because suggestive working is not possible without correct time. - Online packing of files for download can be used by every user (e.g. LHA, LZH, ZOO, ARC, ...). After packing is finished the user gets a message. - The flashing power LED shows you, if you had user in your mailbox. Display to show how many mailbox calls or fax calls came in or how many New User joined as a member. - Call Back function (A given number will be dialed immediately after the logout). - If the configuration of the modem is faulty the respective line will be printed which is very useful for correction. Slow modems are supported as well as fast modems. - Integrated free adjustable up- and download ratio which can be effective on the number of files or bytes. - Automatic line break in the chat mode. - Automatic modem report and protocol of the user action as well as the chat in an file is possible. S Y S T E M R E Q U I R E M E N T S This hardware will be required: - AMIGA 500/600/1000/1200/2000/2500/3000/4000/CDTV/CD32 - 2 MB RAM - Harddisk or 2 Diskdrives - Modem (For testing and configuration you need no modem) If no modem is connected or the modem doesn't support the baud rate of the DTE_Speed the serial.device will be set OFF. - Kickstart 1.2/1.3/2.0/3.0/3.1 It is urgently recommended to use at least kickstart 2.0 otherwise you cannot use the program EEU.PRG External User. - PAL/NTSC monitor drivers must be installed. This hardware will be supported: - Memoryboards NOTE: 512 kB memoryboards between $C00000 and $C7FFFF as used in older A2000A or A500 models are neither chip nor fast ram. With those memoryboards it can happen that the program has a malfunction or crash. - Turboboards - Harddisks - AMIGA diskdrives of any size (CD-ROM, ZIP too) - I/O cards - modems with AT commands (also internal modems, X2 modems or ISDN modems are possible) - printers (parallel + serial) No support: - graphic boards Sorry there is no support for graphic boards of any kind. As the program was coded in times of kickstart 1.3 and I don't see an urgent need until now this was not implemented yet.
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