short : The first 'legal' way of adding bbs ads. author : Johan Torin uploader : Johan Torin type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 87.03K Date : 14-Apr-95 Download : 馃捑
DESCRIPTION Finally there is a way for normal sysops to do BBS advertisment in a 'legal' way! FilePather is utility which creates a history within an archive or a textfile. Each time FilePather is used it will update the list with one line of text which is configurable by the user. An example list might look something like this: User John Smith Dallas,Texas 16:43 18-03-95 +1-214-UNPUBL BBS Wedlock Halmstad,Sweden 19:54 18-03-95 +46-035-186514 User Karl Olsson Stockholm,Sweden 21:23 22-03-95 +46-08-UNPUBL BBS ANetDevelopment Stockholm,Sweden 22:23 23-03-95 +46-08-59140072 User Johan Torin Halmstad,Sweden 03:43 24-03-95 +46-035-UNPUBL The benefits are obvious: 路 Only useful information is stored. 路 It's possible to retrive the information from an automatic process, since it presented in a strict format. 路 It's readable! :) 路 The size is negligible. FilePather has the following features: 路 Processes both standard archives & text files. 路 Totally configurable. Easy to add new archivers. 路 Built in AdStripper for text files. 路 Creates a database over names found if used in conjunction with FPBase. 路 Throughport - run other fileprocessors directly from FilePather. FPBase: 路 Creates and maintains a database of all diffrent names found in the savelists, and their frequency. 路 Creates toplists over the most found names. 路 Runs in the background or as an 'one-run' job. 路 Uses little memory; both when running and especially in waitmode. Both utilities are: 路 Pure! That is; it can be made resident! 路 Made in 100% assembler. 路 Enforcer & Mungwall proof. FilePather has direct support for the following formats: Doc, Arc, Nfo, Lha, Lzh, Lzx, Shr, Txt and Zoo. Other formats are easy to add if they have a specific suffix. FilePather is approved and endorsed by Users聽Standards聽Group (USG). INSTALLATION An installation script is provided, which will ask you for your name, number etc. and store this information as environment variables. The installation script requries that Commodores Installer utility is somewhere in the path. Check so it's installed. It's possible to either install in bbs or user mode. Examples for Cnet, DLG, Excelsior!, MAXsBBS, Reccoon, Tempest and Xenolink is provided, but it's probably possible to add FilePather to any BBS program which makes it possible to touch a file in the upload procedure. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS 路 Commodores Installer utility for the installation and setup. 路 Requires 2.04 to run (V37).
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