short : TA-Filelister Update for V1.44 author : uploader : s_supp ira uka de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 30.02K Date : 17-Jul-95 Download : 💾
History ------- V1.0 - 25.07.94 : First public release V1.1 - 29.07.94 : The CONTINUE-prompt now has also an entry in the language files (thanks to Chris). Demarking in the download-menu no more cause a crash. NOT PUBLIC RELEASED VERSIONS 31.07.94 : Filelister now recognices idle timeout. 04.08.94 : GetFile was rewritten to C. This causes a speed improvemt while pattern searching up to 7 times. 10.08.94 : GetFile can now search through the complete fileline. This mean you can also search for a descriptions, dates and filelenths. Patterns are also possible. New parameter : CompleteLine or CL V1.2 - 12.08.94 : Serious bug while using the timer.device removed. Filelister should no longer drop out users with the idle-timeout-message when they call a filelist. Thanks to Thomas for the BlitzBlank source. NOT PUBLIC RELEASED VERSIONS 12.08.94 : LOADINDEX was replaced by a C-Tool (ReadFLData). It sorts the index up to 8 times faster. 15.08.94 : ReadFLData (Index-Load-Replacement) acknowledges if an index is already in memory. GetFile no more says a listed file doesn't exist. 27.08.94 : Filelister know uses the right system-path of TA every- time and get the right idle time. 28.08.94 : Example.Trans corrected. Thanks to Michael Schaffner. V1.3 - 18.09.94 : The moment is here :-) Filelister can be registered and this version will check if there's a correct keyfile. V1.31 - 21.09.94 : Bug removed while using command key stacking with country specific keys (J/A/...). ReadFLData got a workarround for Kickpascal. Protocolnames now should have the correct name :-) New versions : Filelister[_NC] ReadDLData[020/040] FreeFLData V1.32 - Testversion, not released. V1.33 - 06.10.94 : Thanks to Thomas for reporting a serious bug that allowed standard users to mark files out of the Sysop- Area ! (Patternmarking was possible :-((( ) V1.4 - 19.10.94 : Because of nerving users ( ;-) ), you can now select the areas to list while new/search/all-files scan. Simply say NO to the question to scan all areas. V1.41 - 09.11.94 : Filelister, TACfl, ReadFLData sometimes crashes with some Files.BBS of the AmiNet-CD Vol. 4. The reason was that there're line longer than 100 characters. Thanks to Harald Meinzer for detailed reporting. 19.01.94 : Now GetFile also shows ALL occurrence of one file if there are more than one. Additional you can select the areas to be scanned. 28.01.95 : Added parameter "DELEMPTY" to TACfl (see doc) V1.42 - 03.03.95 : Total length of files will now be calculated correctly in download menu even if some files was unmarked. V1.43 - 12.03.95 : Filelister now aborts the trial of marking a file that contains a : or / . Before there was some strange AmigaDOS requesters. V1.44 - 21.05.95 : From now on there comes a info line if new/search/all/ area/list-scan was unsuccessful. Texte 111-115 added to config file. 15.07.95 : FreeFLData NOW frees ALL memory allocated by ReadFLData
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