short : A pack of very good DayDream doors. author : Many uploader : c-lous freenet hut fi version : 1.1 replaces : comm/bbs/DayDreamPack.Lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 161.48K Date : 9-Nov-96 Download : 💾
Theese are some doors for you to get started with. The pack will be updated now and then as new quality doors pop up. Please note that some of theese doors do require a 68020+. New: UltraScan in a new version. Now also includes a 'f' replacement. SoulFront is updated with a config file. Dead Or Alive 1.2 (MST-DA12.LHA) --------------------------------------------------------- Author: Mamba/Mystic Dead Or Alive is a great Request door wich is one of the most solid solutions for a request door I have seen. ToyMenu 2.0 (INS-TM20.LHA) TodayDream 1.0 (INS-TD10.LHA) ----------------------------------------------------------- Author: Joo/ToyTools ToyMenu is a joinconference door with alot of configurability. Must be the best joinconf door for DayDream. TodayDream shows your daily uploads as a nice bulletin. Many options and nice look aswell. UltraScan 1.1 (DCD!US10.LZX) SoulFront (MST-SF10.LZX), TrimToMonth(TRIM2MON.LZX) DreamExpressLog (MST-DEL1.LZX) ----------------------------------------------------------- Author: Zed/DC^Mystic. UltraScan is a GREAT reverse filescan door for DayDream. Looks very much like AquaScan for /X. Includes reverse, sorted and forward scanner doors. SoulFront is a nice FrontEnd door to put in FrontEnds.Dat, it shows some nice info and statistics about your BBS. TrimToMonth trims your DayDreamX.log to contain only the last months entries. DreamExpressLog creates an /X logfile out of DayDream's logfile. This makes some utils for AmiExpress work with DayDream aswell. If you haven't got it, get hbasic2.library from Zed's homepage at:
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