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DayDream BBS is written in 100% assembler and is therefor one of the fastest BBS programs availiable on Amiga today. Features ~~~~~~~~ - DayDream BBS looks like AmiExpress, which is a much loved and hated BBS software. Most of the people who like AmiExpress like it because of it's simpliness and because it's very fast to use. However, AmiExpress requires a very fast CPU to operate smoothly and the configurability is rather poor too. DayDream fixes the major problems found in AmiX. - 100% assembly code. DayDream is probably the fastest BBS-software ever. - Number of conferences is limited to 64. Each conference can have up to 254 messagebases and fileareas. 64*254 = 16256 (or for Pentium users 16255.999999987.) - Maximum security. Each user can have their own securitysettings, but defaults are taken by securitylevel. Every command in DayDream can be toggled on/off. - Basic utilities and doors are included in distribution archive. For example: Faker, whof, new, top list -utilities, weektop etc. - Configuration is done via an ascii file. This enables quick modifica- tions to the BBS' settings. Asciifile is converted to binaryformat with utility called DreamConfig. It takes about 1 sec to compile the datafiles with it. - If you don't like editing Textfile, there's a MUI based configprogram included. (Read MUIConfig.DOC!) - Superb upload handling. Full support for file_id.diz, gets date from file_id.diz (if wanted), built-in offline checking, adds file_id.diz to archives if it didn't exist etc. - Strings and prompts can be re-defined, so you can customize your BBS any way you like. - You can have 254 different displaymodes. Each displaymode can have it's own characterconversiontables (=no more linefeeds), prompts and strings and textfiles. - Multinode support. Supports up to 254 nodes in theory. I suppose you can have at least 5 nodes on regular 030 without too high CPU-Load. - Door formats supported: DayDream, ARexx, Paragon, stdio. AmiExpress preudo-rexx "XIM" doors work via external emulation. - Supports XPR-Protocols, Hydra+SModem (Bidirectional w/ chat). - Supports FTP-transfers. There's a custom ftpd for DD to have on-the-fly dupechecking. - Cheap. DayDream costs only 300SEK or 55USD. - Everything else except DDHydra and SModem can be made resident! - And once again, it's fast, it's cheap, and it's nice. :-) Requirements ~~~~~~~~~~~~ - KickStart 2.04 (V37) or higher. - Fifo.library and l:fifo-handler running (for stdio doors etc.) - Reqtools.library Support ~~~~~~~ DayDream is currently being developed at full speed and I intend to continue as long as there is any interest in this program. If you have any comments, discover some bugs or have any suggestions etc feel free to send E-Mail to me at: Also try to catch Origo on IRC, channels #DayDream or #AmiElite (EfNet). You can get doors etc. via ftp: Also Check out the DayDream homepage: There is also a doorpack with some useful doors & utils on AmiNet: aminet:comm/bbs/DayDreamBBSDoo.Lha ===( Version 1.28 - 250297 )============================================== - Removed some unused code in the server. - Enhanched (?) the look of the server (Finally!) - Added 4 configurable buttons to the server. - Enhanched DreamNew a bit. Does not use BS when printing filelist anymore, as this causes trouble if you have destructive BS turned on. - GR command is faster now. - Shutting down the server now kills all active nodes. WARNING! This will also kick any users out without warning, so check the node status before you close the server window. - Enhanched the XPR window a bit. - Added a new option to multinode.dat: Faster local output. This is done by opening a screen with only 4 colours, and on my 030/50 this really made a difference. =) - Fixed a bug with private mail. - Fixed a couple of small bugs in MUIConfig. - Corrected saving of TXT config from MUIConfig, sometimes it could not be compiled with DreamConfig. - DayDream now reinitializes the modem if there is no local or remote activity for 10 minutes. - DayDream now displays amount of time since last call at first output of a new caller. - A message is written to the log if user paged sysop and the sysop was away. Like: 'Operator paged at 19:14:38, but he was away.' - Added new doorcommand: UpdateUserRec(). This will force DayDream to update a userstruct to disk. - Doorcommands ShowCursor() and HideCursor() are now obsolete.DayDream performs this all by itself during text output if the user flag 'Speed Up Output' is set to ON. - Recompiled kalacon.device for 020+ and 000, with some new optimizations. Got bigger, but should be a bit faster. - Fixed configurable string to "Move flagged files (Yes/No)". - Enhanched internal Move command. Now it can move all flagged files to same destination conf/dir. - Added autoaway feature. If the sysop is away from the keyboard or the mouse for more than a configurable amount of time, he is automaticly set as being away. - Changed local download path prompt to path requester. - Optimized some common string handling routines. - Optimized DreamNew quite a bit. - Fixed DreamFaker to have reverse scanning of uploadlog. Forward scanning caused alot of problems that should be fixed now. - Optimized (F) and (N) commands quite a bit. - Fixed an error in the DayDream.CFG. OwnDir and 16Col was swapped. Thanks to Dr.K.Oss for the tip! - Added a new doorcommand: SetAccPreset() to set a users access preset. Thanks to Wolfman for pushing me! :-) - Fixed an error in local download path requester. Caused gurus. - Fixed cursor movement in F/N/NS command. Caused gurus. - Added a new powerful doorcommand: SearchUser() Once again thanks to Wolfman. - Added a server/node startup script written in Arexx. Edit and try it out! - Added new format codes to show number of tagged files. F for prompts and # for textfiles. - Optimized the rexxdoor interface a bit. - Fixed the XPR window to open on a NTSC screen aswell. Thanks to Shen/DC for having problems.. :) - Added some more verbose(!) output if modem initialization fails. - Fixed a potential problem with the Server's inputhandler. - Made a new MsgBaseOpt program, the old one more like CAUSED errors than corrected them. Use with caution though. - Fixed an error in the installer script that caused hangs. (Donno why though :)
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