short : DITOPLog - Top Login util for ABBS author : Kåre Johansen/Dr. Ice ^ GMS ( uploader : Kåre Johansen (kaarej hvag vgs no) type : comm/bbs version : v2.10 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 9.03K Date : 22-Jan-96 Download : 💾
Prologe (vx.xx) DITOPLog is a Top x Login utility for ABBS.. Since there is a bug in TopLog v2.1, I decided to create my own version.. By the way; One cool dude called SNORRE HEIMSUND, asked me to create this, so here it is ! :) (v2.10) First of all. I want to thank all who has reporting back to me about DITOPLOG, thanks again... I have made some changes in this version. Some of the design has been re-changed.. Some cool dude wrote me a message, where he told me that the ratio system was some kind of weird. This means that the first user will not get the highest ratio anymore, he will be on the same line as everybody else.. (See history for more info)... (v2.00) Alot has been changed during these last days of development of this utility. I have changed the argument line, included some new argument options. I have also added a RATIO file, where you can include your comments and number of logins yourself (See example how did is done)... And much more, see history for more ! :) (v1.40) At last.. I have found the bug that crashes the machine, this bug has been there since BANNED users was implented i DTL.. Sorry... I have also changed the design for DITOPLOG a little bit too.. See the HISTORY section for more info... :) !NOTICE! Please notice that banned names are case sensetiv, so.. Every names you are putting in (s:DITOPLOG.EXCLUDE) must be case sensetiv.. Example Output: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Top-Login v2.10 - by Dr. Ice/GMS^LSC * =========================================================================== Last updated: 20-Jan-96 (14:11:44) =========================================================================== ## USERNAME LOGINS %## %OF ALL %BELOW RATIO --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01 Tommy Karlsen 567 22.54% 15.19% 0.00% OBERST LT ** 02 Geir Nordli 502 19.96% 13.45% 11.46% OBERST LT ** 03 Stig Marthinsen 320 12.72% 8.57% 43.56% KAPTEIN *** 04 Stein Jonsson 226 8.99% 6.05% 60.14% LØYTNANT ** 05 Ren Depth 217 8.63% 5.81% 61.73% LØYTNANT ** 06 Roy Antonsen 185 7.36% 4.96% 67.37% FENRIK * 07 Jørn-Otto Lien 135 5.37% 3.62% 76.19% SERSJANT >>> 08 Odd-Magne Nylund 131 5.21% 3.51% 76.90% SERSJANT >>> 09 Marius Tronstad 126 5.01% 3.38% 77.78% SERSJANT >>> 10 Black Knight 106 4.21% 2.84% 81.31% SERSJANT >>> =========================================================================== Active Users : 144 Killed users : 0 Logins ALL : 3733 SysOp logins : 1593 Logins SysOp : 42.67% #Logins ## : 2515 Avg. Logins ALL : 25.92% Avg. Logins ## : 251.50% Avg. Pr. ALL : 25 Avg. Pr. ## : 251 Examples: --- BEGIN S:DITOPLog.ratio --- # # RATIO system for DITOPLOG # # The # tag means that this is a comment, please don't use these between # number of logins and the comment. eg: # 1000 # # Best of them all # Comment # # How this is done: # This system consists of 2 lines, which line 1 is the number of logins, # and the second is the comment... # First 2 lines, Greater then or equal to (>=), comment # Next 2 lines, Less than or equal to (<=), comment # Next 2 lines, Less than or equal to (<=), comment # And so on................ # # NB! You can have 99 of these 2 liners.. :) # 1500 Super Elite 1000 Elite 500 Dangerous 300 Average 200 Below Average 100 No comment --- STOP S:DITOPLog.ratio --- Usage: Usage: DITOPLog USERS OUTPUT [FORCE] [ANSI] [CLS] (Default: ANSI=YES, CLS=YES, FORCE=YES) USERS: Number of users to output OUTPUT: Where you want to save the output.. FORCE: Force First, middle and last name (first character) to an upper cased character (YES/NO)... e.g.: Cased written names DITOP'S names john-blub star John-Blub Star john_bLub STAR John_Blub Star John/bLUB star John/Blub Star JoHN/bLUB sTar John/Blub Star ANSI: This will generate the output as ANSI or NOANSI (YES/NO) CLS: This will clear the screen when viewing the output...(YES/NO) Usage/examples: This will output to RAM:FNAME with forced Upper characters in first/last name... Usage: DITOPLog 10 RAM:FNAME FORCE=YES This will output to a file with noansi... Usage: DITOPLog 10 ABBS:Bulletins/NEWS1 ANSI=NO This will output to a file with ansi... Usage: DITOPLog 10 ABBS:Bulletins/NEWS1 ANSI=YES This will clear the screen when viewing... Usage: DITOPLog 10 ABBS:Bulletins/NEWS1 CLS=YES History: v2.10 - Fixed the RATIO file a little bit - Fixed the output a little bit, so that we can use larger RATIO texts - Added ANSI support in S:DITOPLOG.RATIO file - Fixed all numbers to be Rightified - Added Avg. Pr. ALL, this is the advantage of logins pr. ALL users - Added Avg. Pr. ##, This is the advantage of logins pr. ## users v2.00 - Added CLS as an argument - Added ANSI as an argument - Changed FORCE to be default - Changed the "look" (again) of DTL - Added %BELLOW, this tells how many % a user is from NO #1 - Changed %ALL to %OF ALL - Added RATIO file (see example) - The sysop and %## calculations was wrong, fixed.. - The calculation of #Logins ## was wrong too, fixed.. - Added Average logins pr. user (ALL) and average logins for TOP x users (##)... v1.40 - At last, I found the bug that crashed the machine, it was a banner bug, this has been replaced with a faster and secured method.. - Optimized the source again... - Added %## = This is the % of number of users you have used in the args.. - Added %ALL = This is the % of ALL the users on your board - Added #Logins ## = This is the number of messages your ## users have written (see example)... v1.11 -> v1.30 - Never released (bugs appeard all the time -> Machine crashed) v1.10 - Added S:DITOPLog.exclude file, to exclude users from the output - Changed the output a lot/new design (Thanks to Snorre Heimsund) - Found a bug in the USAGE/template of DITOPLog - Added a new keyword keyword in the template called: FORCE v1.01 - Bugfix release.. This version should work!!.. v1.0 - Found a huge bug. Trashed numbers and output, fixed.. - Fixed the usage output, now it will be outputed to SHELL/CLI - Fixed a little bit on the output sequence For bug reports & updates: Call Key Stroke BBS - +47-7847-1042 Or Write to: Dr. Ice/LSC Nordvågveien 17d 9750 Honningsvåg Norway MESSAGE TO ALL CODERS/GRAPHICIANS/MUSCIANS/ANSI-ARTISTS LSC is searching for more members, Coders, Musicians and Graphicians, traders, sysops/HQ's.. Join us today.. Thanks to: Snorre Heimsund - For testing/ideas/support :) JEO - For ideas Steinar Forshaug - For ideas and testing I also want to thank all the people that has reported bugs in DITOPLOG.. Greetings to: Snorre Heimsund, Science , AtommyC , Jungle-Bill/LSC , Rescator/GMS, Lord Voice , Cobra , GIH , Randall , Cyan/LSC , The Maniac , JEO , Stein Jonsson, Øyvind Husabø , Jotes/MC , Void Master , Ren Depth , Lisence , Steinar Forshaug And to all I've forgotten...
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