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System-X 1.07 (eSSeXX) Update files ------------------------------------ This archive contains all the needed Updated files for the SX (eSSeXX) BBS software. Over that, there comes a more propper guide to SX, what is not really finished. This Update is done in Teamwork btw. [Q]uazar and me. ================================================================== INSTALL NOTES To install this software, use the supported Installer. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The installer does no versioncheck of any systemlibary`s so plz check that up. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow the instructions by the Installer. You have any time the posibility, to abort the installation. If you like to install by hand, refer to the guide in the SX:Doc/ directory, chapter `Installation`. Have a look at the guide and reset your computer. Start the System-X BBS in your selected way and be a real \X op :) ================================================================== Developers Internal Changes =========================== v1.06 -> v1.07 ============== Changes, relevant for both users and delopers: ---------------------------------------------- * SX doesn't go into an endless loop anymore if a door isn't found. * Wordwrapping added to chat! * MCP now shows the correct activity when chat is finished. * Added wildcard support to name-prompt (confirmation prompt is new string in Strings.ANS. + Change the Login-Wildcard procedure more direct + Update the Node-Screens 'About' text + Update the crypted Welcome message + SX-Config changes up to 32 Nodes now + SX-MCP bumped version + Guides updated Changes, relevant for developers only: -------------------------------------- * Replaced all the version numbers into a macro, defined in ver.h * The CallerLog() routine from prim.c is now in the log.c file. * The LoadStrings() and FreeStrings() routines are now in configs.c * Ver.c is renamed to Sysinfo.c, because the name confused me ;-) + SX-Config and SX-MCP got version-Macro, too + SX-Config can handle 32 nodes now again Specified changes: ------------------ Source Procedure/Function Change(s) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx.c RunDoor - checks if door parameter isn't empty - checks if specified door exists (both these things caused endless loops) TestDoor - replaced a bit of code main - replaced version strings CheckWin - replaced version string and 'About' text Account - added wildcard support for handle/name - comfirmation for name is now in Strings.ANS door_xim.c WaitForXIM - added SX_MSGAREANUM command - replaced version string showansi.c MCIPS - replaced version string * - removed LoadStrings() and FreeStrings() chat&page.c PageSysOp - added some comments Chat - rewrote the routine almost completely - added wordwrapping - MCP now displays correct activity after chat prim.c CallerLog - removed this function from the source-code log.c * - added this file to the link-list configs.c * - added LoadStrings() and FreeStrings() SX-Config --------- sx-config.c * - bumped version sxconfig_gui.c * - changed the nodeslide value up to 32 mcpprefs.c * - changed the visible nodelist slider up to 32 and check up the whole process The development of System-X (eSSeXX) is going on ! [r]FoX
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