short : Citadel Space Empire author : type : comm/bbs version : 6.40 requires : Any verision of the OS 2.x or later. About 100K of memory free architecture : m68k-amigaos tested : Any Amiga BBS that supports STDIO doors. Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 207.37K Date : 11-Dec-97 Download : 💾
This is Space Empire based on the original CNET door by Jon Radnof. This is the Citadel version of that door with many many new features and improvements. The game is freeware, the sysop Editor is shareware asking a $5 registration fee. In Space Empire, you compete with up to 25 other players attempting to control the universe and become the glorious Space Lord. The route is difficult and there are many enemies along the way(usually the other players...:). This is a economic and strategy game of intense warfare. You must balance the economic needs of your Empire along with your military ones. Keep your people happy, feed them, and make sure you do the same for you military and you will be just starting to scratch the surface of this complex military game. This is a STDIO BBS door that can be run with Citadel, DLG, or any BBS program that supports that door type. This door was originally written for Citadel BBSes but has also become fairly popular with DLG sysops. Citadel is a Freeware BBS program that is a port from the IBM Citadel. It supports file up/down loads, networking, public, private, hidden, and anonymous message areas. Citadel is a Room based BBS. The full source for Citadel and its utilities is available from The Amiga Zone BBS (609)953-8159, the primary support BBS. Tony Preston, original door by Jon Radnof Custom Services P. O. Box 254 Moorestown, NJ 08057
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 1718 12.9% Jun 16 1993 [generic] 1718 16.0% Jun 16 1993 [generic] 1643 44.2% Mar 13 1994 SpcEmp.cfg [generic] 48808 51.9% Mar 26 1995 sysedit [generic] 167484 50.7% Dec 10 1997 space [generic] 165124 50.8% Dec 10 1997 space_060 [generic] 9740 38.2% Dec 10 1997 Changes.Doc [generic] 4037 45.7% Dec 10 1997 SE_SysOp.doc [generic] 22933 40.1% Dec 10 1997 SpcEmp.Doc [generic] 4860 39.2% Dec 10 1997 Sysedit.Doc ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 10 files 428065 49.5% Dec 11 1997
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